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European Emissions Decreased by 2.1 Percent in 2012
Blogger Edouard Stenger published Tue Jun 04 09:00 2013 - CleanTechies Blog

According to the latest statistics from Eurostat the data agency for the European Commission greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union fell by 2.1 percent from 2011 to 2012. This takes place after a massive 4.1 percent decrease from 2010 to 2011. This decrease can be explained by the increased importance of renewable ... Rating 0.0-5 0 votes cast  read full story on "CleanTechies Blog" »

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Texas won't allow Tesla to sell electric cars directly
Blogger Michael Graham Richard published Tue Jun 04 10:44 2013 - TreeHugger

Texas is one of those states where it is actually illegal for an automaker to sell its products directly to its customers.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

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Edgewater Carriage House Small House
Blogger Kent Griswold published Tue Jun 04 08:00 2013 - Tiny House Blog
The post Edgewater Carriage House Small House appeared first on Tiny House Blog. Yankee Barn Homes makes many plans and this one, called the Edgewater Carriage House, fits into the small range of homes that readers like to see on the blog every now and then. Yankee Barn Homes’ pre-fabricated concept is exceptionally eco-friendly, and a big time-saver, but you still get the beauty, strength, quality, and design ... The post Edgewater Carriage House Small House appeared first on Tiny House Blog.  read full story on "Tiny House Blog" »

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Read All About It Goodwill AmeriCorps, Creating Careers That Work
Blogger Maureen Puia published Tue Jun 04 08:00 2013 - Goodwills Thrifting and Green Living Blog

1 1 Meet AmeriCorps member Kate Stitham. Kate works through Goodwill’s Multilingual Leadership Corps at the Portland Housing Authority site. While Kate is serving in this capacity she is gaining valuable skills that she will take with her as she read  read full story on "Goodwills Thrifting and Green Living Blog" »

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The Feds Have No Clue How to Legislate Autonomous Cars
Blogger Damon Lavrinc published Tue Jun 04 06:29 2013 - Wired Autopia

With everyone from Audi to Google to Volvo developing autonomous vehicles, the federal government is cautiously getting behind the wheel to regulate how self-driving cars should be operated and legislated. But its recommendations are far from clear-cut, underscoring just how ...  read full story on "Wired Autopia" »

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Can Captain Sunshine Save Better Place
Blogger Maurice Picow published Tue Jun 04 02:48 2013 - Green Prophet

Better Place’s sudden bankruptcy announcement only a week ago left more than 900 electric car owners in Israel uncertain about the future of the cars they bought. But Captain Sunshine, a solar energy pioneer in Israel says he might be able to help save Better Place. The plausible idea for revamping the company is being ...  read full story on "Green Prophet" »

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NYC Bike Share Launches to Strange, Vitriolic WSJ OpEd
Blogger Leon Kaye published Tue Jun 04 05:08 2013 - Triple Pundit
According to the Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz, New York will never be the same after the NYC Bike Share launch. The post NYC Bike Share Launches to Strange, Vitriolic WSJ OpEd appeared first on Triple Pundit People, Planet, Profit.  read full story on "Triple Pundit" »

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Airlines Call for Single Emissions Standard
Blogger Environmental Leader Staff published Tue Jun 04 10:40 2013 - Environmental Management News

The International Air Transport Association, which represents 85 percent of the world’s airline traffic, has adopted a resolution calling for a single, industry-wide market-based measure to manage and offset emissions. The IATA yesterday agreed to the Implementation of the Aviation Carbon-Neutral Growth CNG2020 Strategy resolution at its 69th general meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. ...  read full story on "Environmental Management News" »

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Akermin Pilot Captures 90 CO2
Blogger Jessica Lyons Hardcastle published Tue Jun 04 10:17 2013 - Environmental Management News

Akermin says it has successfully tested its Biocatalyst Delivery System at the National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, Ala. The pilot unit pictured has operated continuously for several weeks capturing close to 90 percent CO2 from flue gas with significant rate enhancement and no degradation in performance, the cleantech company says. Akermin CEO Barry Blackwell ...  read full story on "Environmental Management News" »

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GE Marine Engine Meets New Emissions Rules
Blogger Jessica Lyons Hardcastle published Tue Jun 04 10:08 2013 - Environmental Management News

GE Marine says it has successfully completed an emissions-testing program for the first 12V250 marine diesel engine that meets EPA Tier 4i and International Maritime Organization IMO Tier III in-engine emission compliance. The rules decrease the allowable levels of sulfur oxide SOx and nitrous oxide NOx emissions from ships. The company says its engine technology ...  read full story on "Environmental Management News" »

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