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8 Unbelievable octopus videos
Blogger Jaymi Heimbuch published Tue Jun 04 10:30 2013 - TreeHugger

We know that the octopus is a species that should never be underestimated, but you might not realize just how incredible it is until you've seen these crazy videos.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

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Make a bicycle powered generator in 9 steps
Blogger Megan Treacy published Tue Jun 04 07:00 2013 - TreeHugger

We've covered plenty of pedal-powered devices before, but here's how to make your own bike-powered generator in your home.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

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Lab-grown crystals could yield LEDs that mimic sunlight
Blogger Staff published Tue Jun 04 06:00 2013 - TreeHugger

Some reserachers are looking toward nanocrystals to create an LED that emits the white light we crave.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

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Philip Pilkington Paul Krugman and the Fatherless Keynesians
Blogger Yves Smith published Tue Jun 04 12:30 2013 - naked capitalism
By Philip Pilkington, a writer and research assistant at Kingston University in London. You can follow him on Twitter pilkingtonphil Some decades ago the British economist Joan Robinson one of John Maynard Keynes’ most brilliant students who helped him with the original draft of his General Theory half-jokingly referred to some of her colleagues as Bastard Keynesians . These colleagues were mostly American Keynesians, but there were a few British Bastard Keynesians too such as John Hicks, who invented the now famous ISLM diagram. What Robinson was trying to say was that these so-called Keynesians were fatherless in the sense...  read full story on "naked capitalism" »

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Giant Pink Slugs Found in Australia
Blogger China DeSpain published Tue Jun 04 09:53 2013 -
Scientists suspect the shocking pink color is actually camouflage, since the slugs tend to live in piles of eucalyptus leaf litter, which is red. Read More The post Giant Pink Slugs Found in Australia appeared first on Ecorazzi.  read full story on "" »

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New Study Says Vegetarians May Live Longer Than Omnivores
Blogger Ali Berman published Tue Jun 04 07:29 2013 -
A new study from researchers at Loma Linda University in California suggests that vegetarians and vegans may outlive their omnivorous friends. Read More The post New Study Says Vegetarians May Live Longer Than Omnivores appeared first on Ecorazzi.  read full story on "" »

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Green Plastics Process Discovered
Blogger Jessica Lyons Hardcastle published Tue Jun 04 10:30 2013 - Environmental Management News

University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers have discovered a new chemical process to make p-xylene, an important ingredient of common plastics, at 90 percent yield from lignocellulosic biomass, the highest yield achieved to date. Xylene chemicals are used to produce PET polyethylene terephthalate , which is used in many products including soda bottles, food packaging, synthetic fibers ...  read full story on "Environmental Management News" »

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Akermin Pilot Captures 90 CO2
Blogger Jessica Lyons Hardcastle published Tue Jun 04 10:17 2013 - Environmental Management News

Akermin says it has successfully tested its Biocatalyst Delivery System at the National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, Ala. The pilot unit pictured has operated continuously for several weeks capturing close to 90 percent CO2 from flue gas with significant rate enhancement and no degradation in performance, the cleantech company says. Akermin CEO Barry Blackwell ...  read full story on "Environmental Management News" »

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Dell, eBay Team for Data Center Efficiency
Blogger Jessica Lyons Hardcastle published Tue Jun 04 03:25 2013 - Environmental Management News

Dell will work with eBay to solve hyperscale data center problems at Dell’s new Evergreen Innovation Center at the company’s Austin campus. The innovation center has servers and other data center components running for live testing and development, according to a Dell spokeswoman. The new center will enable Dell to further enhance its modular, open platforms ...  read full story on "Environmental Management News" »

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Printing Curves not Layers
Blogger D.C. Denison published Tue Jun 04 09:00 2013 - MAKE Magazine
Mataerial is a 3D printer that breaks out of the box, literally. The prototype unit is additive, like other 3D printers, but that's where the comparison ends. Instead of piling up layers on a circumscribed bed, Mataerial uses a robotic arm and fast-solidifying material to create graceful, flowing curves on a variety of surfaces -- horizontal and vertical. Read the full article on MAKE  read full story on "MAKE Magazine" »

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