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Butte County, CA joins commercial PACE Program run by Figtree
Blogger pacenow published Mon Jun 03 03:30 2013 - CleanTechies Blog

Butte County is taking the lead in a program that provides an alternative funding source for businesses or agricultural interests that want to invest in green energy or water-efficiency projects. The totally voluntary program allows a borrower to get the funding without going through all of the underwriting procedures a standard loan would require. Documents ... Rating 5.0-5 1 vote cast  read full story on "CleanTechies Blog" »

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How to upcycle a pair of shoes with decoupaged paper napkins
Blogger Stefanie Girard published Mon Jun 03 11:14 2013 - Craft Gossip
Over at the blog Make it Easy Crafts there is a great tutorial on how to turn a plain pair of shoes into to floral covered shoes by decoupaging floral paper napkins.  read full story on "Craft Gossip" »

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20,000 Plastic Bags For Octopus Sculpture
Blogger Cathy Ives - Eco Green Services published Mon Jun 03 09:00 2013 - Green Eco Services

20,00 Bags Under The Sea is a award winning sculpture by by the Australian artist Jacq Chorlton in 2010. The Octopus is around 13 Feet and is made of 20,000 woven recycled plastic bags. Jacq Chorlton is an artist who owns Funkydory Art, which is art primarily made with recycled materials. It won the The ...  read full story on "Green Eco Services" »

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Ygrene Energy Fund and EcoAsset Energy Solutions Enter Joint Venture
Blogger pacenow published Fri May 31 12:00 2013 - CleanTechies Blog

Ygrene Energy Fund Florida, a leading provider of commercial and residential property upgrade programs for Floridian governments, announced that it has formed a strategic joint venture with EcoAsset Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Lykes Bros. Inc., a 100-year old local, family-owned company and the largest private landowner in Florida. Building upon an initial co-marketing agreement ... Rating 5.0-5 1 vote cast  read full story on "CleanTechies Blog" »

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How to make a recycled wood reverse print sign
Blogger Stefanie Girard published Fri May 31 11:37 2013 - Craft Gossip
If you like to decorate with your favorite sayings pop on over to the blog Design Decor for a cool tutorial on how to make a recycled wood sign using a reverse print technique. Thanks DeDe for sending in your  read full story on "Craft Gossip" »

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Ai Weiwei Unveils Staggering Tower of 886 Repurposed Stools at the Venice Biennale
Blogger Lori Zimmer published Thu May 30 05:17 2013 - Inhabitat Art

The three-legged stools hanging every which way in Weiwei’s Bang are from an era of craftsmanship that has since been eclipsed by the modern industrial age. Once made by hand from wood, the stools have stood the test of time and were handed down from  read full story on "Inhabitat Art" »

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Israeli Long Public Bus Converted into 300,000 Un-green Luxury Home
Blogger Tafline Laylin published Thu May 30 06:35 2013 - Green Prophet

We were so excited to learn that an Israeli pair transformed an old bus into an attractive luxury home, until we saw what materials they used. Looking for an opportunity to make some money, Tally Saul and Hagit Morevski used such carbon-intensive and toxic materials as cement, concrete and formica to complete their ungreen conversion. Neither ...  read full story on "Green Prophet" »

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Make More Out Of Mousetraps
Blogger Deanna Dahlsad published Wed May 29 05:13 2013 - Things Your Grandmother Knew
This vintage tip from Here’s How The Farm Weekly Serves You turns simple and inexpensive mousetraps into practical -- and cool -- DIY decor.  read full story on "Things Your Grandmother Knew" »

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Recycle those used batteries
Blogger Jonathan D. Blundell published Tue May 28 09:56 2013 - we live simply
As your batteries wear out as they all do be sure and recycle those batteries in your remote controls and other electronic devices don’t just toss them in the trash where they’ll end up in the local landfill. Stores like Best Buy and BatteriesPlus will gladly accept your old batteries and recycle them for ... NOTICE If you're receiving this post via RSS please be sure and subscribe to our new RSS feed at http Recycle those used batteries we live simply is powered by WordPress and HostGator.  read full story on "we live simply" »

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How to recover a baby wipe box
Blogger Stefanie Girard published Tue May 28 10:51 2013 - Craft Gossip
Why shouldn’t everything have your personal touch and be pretty Check out this tutorial on how to cover a baby wipe box featured at the blog Haberdashery Fun.  read full story on "Craft Gossip" »

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