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Why Isn 8217 t Elizabeth Warren Attacking the Student Debt Problem Head On
Blogger Yves Smith published Tue Jun 04 04:46 2013 - naked capitalism
It's puzzling to see Elizabeth Warren pull her punches on a pressing issue for middle class families, that of student debt.  read full story on "naked capitalism" »

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Philip Pilkington Paul Krugman and the Fatherless Keynesians
Blogger Yves Smith published Tue Jun 04 12:30 2013 - naked capitalism
By Philip Pilkington, a writer and research assistant at Kingston University in London. You can follow him on Twitter pilkingtonphil Some decades ago the British economist Joan Robinson one of John Maynard Keynes’ most brilliant students who helped him with the original draft of his General Theory half-jokingly referred to some of her colleagues as Bastard Keynesians . These colleagues were mostly American Keynesians, but there were a few British Bastard Keynesians too such as John Hicks, who invented the now famous ISLM diagram. What Robinson was trying to say was that these so-called Keynesians were fatherless in the sense...  read full story on "naked capitalism" »

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The 2013 Farm Bill Act Now to Protect Pollinators, Our Food, and Your Health
Blogger Beyond Pesticides published Tue Jun 04 12:01 2013 - Beyond Pesticides
Beyond Pesticides, June 4, 2013 We all know the problems we’re having with Congress these days, and all this turmoil comes together this week as the Senate returns to debate amendments to the 2013 Farm Bill.The country’s environmental and public health is under attack in the current bill but at the same time there are ...  read full story on "Beyond Pesticides" »

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Can Captain Sunshine Save Better Place
Blogger Maurice Picow published Tue Jun 04 02:48 2013 - Green Prophet

Better Place’s sudden bankruptcy announcement only a week ago left more than 900 electric car owners in Israel uncertain about the future of the cars they bought. But Captain Sunshine, a solar energy pioneer in Israel says he might be able to help save Better Place. The plausible idea for revamping the company is being ...  read full story on "Green Prophet" »

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How to fix the climate, in one simple flowchart
Blogger James West published Tue Jun 04 06:08 2013 - Grist
Will eating fewer hamburgers help How about dumping iron into the ocean Here's your one-stop shop for the answers.  read full story on "Grist" »

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New York vs. the Sharing Economy
Blogger Raz Godelnik published Tue Jun 04 05:09 2013 - Triple Pundit
Both the state and city of New York have been challenging a number of sharing economy companies and their disruptive models, including Airbnb, Uber, SideCar and RelayRides. So what’s going on here is New York becoming an unfriendly territory for sharing economy innovations And even more importantly, how will these legal battles impact the sharing economy and its efforts to go mainstream The post New York vs. the Sharing Economy appeared first on Triple Pundit People, Planet, Profit.  read full story on "Triple Pundit" »

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The protests the Turkish press isn't talking about
published Mon Jun 03 07:40 2013 - FP Passport

What's happening in Turkey If you're actually in the country, that may be hard to tell, since many Turkish news outlets have stayed relatively quiet on the spread of protests and clashes with police across the country. While scenes from Istanbul have been splashed across the front page of U.S. newspapers, the news has been relegated to later pages in Turkish dailies. Photos posted on social media like the one above have shown side-by-side comparisons of CNN International and CNN Turk, the news network's Turkish affiliate. While the global broadcast showed a live feed of protests, the Turkish channel offered...  read full story on "FP Passport" »

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WSJ Bemoans Rise in Rationality, Um, Decline in Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking
Blogger Yves Smith published Mon Jun 03 04:27 2013 - naked capitalism
It's hard to know where to begin with a story up at the Wall Street Journal, Risk-Averse Culture Infects U.S. Workers, Entrepreneurs.  read full story on "naked capitalism" »

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Lynn Parramore Guess What Fewer Americans Call Themselves Economic Conservatives
Blogger Yves Smith published Mon Jun 03 01:11 2013 - naked capitalism
New Gallup polls shows that economic conservatism is down, social liberalism is up.  read full story on "naked capitalism" »

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CWA To Senate Dems We’re Done.
Blogger Dave Johnson published Mon Jun 03 02:24 2013 -

On a call this morning to discuss the continuing obstruction of everything by Senate Republicans, Communications Workers of America CWA President Larry Cohen asked Senate Democrats to change the rules to at least get nominees to the floor for a vote. It may be Republicans who are obstructing, but Democrats have the power ...  read full story on "" »

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