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Dolphin-Assisted Birth A Primer
Blogger Michael dEstries published Tue Jun 04 10:40 2013 -
The term dolphin-assisted birth is trending and you’re wondering what in the hell Yes, it’s real. Yes, there are people actively pursuing it, promoting it, etc. Here’s what you Read More The post Dolphin-Assisted Birth A Primer appeared first on Ecorazzi.  read full story on "" »

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Going Green Good Insects Vs. Bad Insects
Blogger Laurie Kay Olson published Tue Jun 04 08:04 2013 - Inventor Spot

There are healthy and safe ways to take care of the pests in your garden without resorting to poison. Let good bugs take over and get rid of the ones that are killing your plants. It is better for the environment and better for you -- and they are easily available for order to be shipped right to you.  read full story on "Inventor Spot" »

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Giza Zoo Kills Three Black Bears, Tries to Cover it Up
Blogger Tafline Laylin published Mon Jun 03 11:48 2013 - Green Prophet

Zookeepers at the Giza Zoo in Egypt accidentally killed three black bears and officials then tried to cover up their negligence. A local newspaper, Al Watan, uncovered their deception and now activists are calling to close all seven government zoos due to prolonged abuse of wild animals throughout the system. After three black bears died ...  read full story on "Green Prophet" »

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Higher CO2 Levels are Greening the Middle East
Blogger Tafline Laylin published Mon Jun 03 11:44 2013 - Green Prophet

Desertification, water scarcity and food security are among the most important byproducts of rising temperatures due to increased CO2 emissions, but researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization CSIRO in Australia have found that higher CO2 concentrations are also greening the Middle East. Since the 1980 s, satellite images have recorded a gradual greening ...  read full story on "Green Prophet" »

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Bieber’s Abandoned Monkey Now Lives at Wildlife Park
Blogger China DeSpain published Mon Jun 03 01:22 2013 -
Mally is adjusting well to life at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, where he will soon be able to join others of his species. Read More The post Bieber’s Abandoned Monkey Now Lives at Wildlife Park appeared first on Ecorazzi.  read full story on "" »

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The ASPCA Rachael Ray 100K Challenge is Back
Blogger China DeSpain published Mon Jun 03 11:52 2013 -
This year, 49 shelters are competing to save more lives during June, July and August than were saved over the same period in 2012. Read More The post The ASPCA Rachael Ray 100K Challenge is Back appeared first on Ecorazzi.  read full story on "" »

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Portland 8217 s Green Programs Create Healthy Watersheds
Blogger Teri published Mon Jun 03 01:45 2013 - Growth Rings
This guest commentary appeared in The Oregonian on June 1, 2013. The Portland Water Users Coalition and Friends of the Reservoirs complain that Mayor Charlie Hales’ budget doesn’t cut sewer rates enough, and these groups threaten to create a separate utility to take watershed protection out of the city’s hands. It’s time for serious reform ...  read full story on "Growth Rings" »

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Venomous Irukandji Jellyfish Kills Eco Bloggers
Blogger Laurie Balbo published Sun Jun 02 12:10 2013 - Green Prophet

Green Prophet recently reported about alarming surges in jellyfish populations in the Mediterranean Sea. No hand-wringing yellow journalism here, the phenomenon was scientifically assessed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. Odd timing. Shortly before that post appeared, a popular Aussie eco-craft blogger and her artist husband were killed by jellyfish as they snorkelled close to ...  read full story on "Green Prophet" »

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Do you see the pattern for what is next in AWS I think I do
Blogger Dave Ohara published Fri May 31 08:23 2013 - Green Data Center Blog
Someone asked me what Amazon Web Service is going to do next. For the past month, I've been thinking about this problem and what can you see from looking at the releases. I'll write a post over the next couple of weeks on what I think AWS is doing next. Once you see it, it is hard not to think it has to be true. Also, Netcraft has a report on AWS growth. With a pretty good estimate of the server count. Geographic distribution of computers per EC2 region in May 2013 Data Centre EC2 - Web Facing Computers February...  read full story on "Green Data Center Blog" »

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One Dies in Istanbul as Thousands Protest for Turkish Nature Preservation
Blogger Tafline Laylin published Fri May 31 05:50 2013 - Green Prophet

The social protests currently sweeping through Turkey started with a dozen men and women who parked their tents in Gezi Park one of the last remaining green spaces in central Istanbul to protest a shopping mall development. One woman has died. Update We haven’t been able to confirm this with any major newspapers ...  read full story on "Green Prophet" »

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