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Will ExxonMobil Adapt to Climate Change Not Likely
Blogger Bill DiBenedetto published Tue Jun 04 05:12 2013 - Triple Pundit
Don't expect much from ExxonMobil with regards to adapting to climate change. The post Will ExxonMobil Adapt to Climate Change Not Likely appeared first on Triple Pundit People, Planet, Profit.  read full story on "Triple Pundit" »

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Banks Consider Natural Capital Risks
Blogger Jessica Lyons Hardcastle published Tue Jun 04 10:45 2013 - Environmental Management News

The Natural Capital Declaration signed by the Rabobank Group, PaxWorld Management and about three dozen other financial institutions at last summer’s Rio 20 Earth Summit has entered a new phase during which signatories will set about implementing the commitments laid out in the NCD. Four working groups, led by banks from four continents ...  read full story on "Environmental Management News" »

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Levi’s WasteLess Jeans, Recycling Clothes and Recycling Patagonia Clothes
Blogger Norman Fong published Mon Jun 03 04:00 2013 - Easy Eco Blog
Patagonia has a Common Threads Garment recycling program where customers could return their worn out clothes. You can drop select Patagonia items off at their retail stores or send them to Patagonia Service Center ATTN Common Threads Recycling Program 8550 White Fir Street Reno, NV 89523-8939 Recycling used clothing Local Consignment stores take high quality ... Related posts Bamboo Textiles, Bamboo Clothes Not Green, Not Eco Friendly Green BBQ with Bamboo Plates Bamboo Picture Frames New iPhone 5 Recycling iPhones and Electronics Save Money Washing Clothes in Cold Water  read full story on "Easy Eco Blog" »

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WSJ Bemoans Rise in Rationality, Um, Decline in Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking
Blogger Yves Smith published Mon Jun 03 04:27 2013 - naked capitalism
It's hard to know where to begin with a story up at the Wall Street Journal, Risk-Averse Culture Infects U.S. Workers, Entrepreneurs.  read full story on "naked capitalism" »

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Financial Services Still Aren 8217 t Trying Hard Enough to Embrace Sustainability
Blogger Lisa Marie Chirico published Mon Jun 03 05:10 2013 - Triple Pundit
While it’s unquestionably important for companies within the financial sector to be environmentally responsible in their day-to-day operations, those actions alone are simply not enough to create viable corporate sustainability. The post Financial Services Still Aren’t Trying Hard Enough to Embrace Sustainability appeared first on Triple Pundit People, Planet, Profit.  read full story on "Triple Pundit" »

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Could Climate Bonds Become a Major Force in Green Finance
Blogger Environmental Leader Staff published Mon Jun 03 10:36 2013 - Environmental Management News

So-called green or climate bonds, being issued by a number of financial institutions and state governments as a means of generating funding for sustainable development and clean energy technology, are becoming increasingly popular and could become a major new force in the green investment world, according to the Globe-Net. The World Bank developed the Green Bond concept in ...  read full story on "Environmental Management News" »

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Russian Skywalkers Invade Middle East
Blogger Laurie Balbo published Sun Jun 02 09:51 2013 - Green Prophet

Earlier this year, Russian photographers Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza, risking up to three years imprisonment if caught for a chance at remarkable picture-taking. They pulled a similar stunt on the rooftops of Dubai a high-end example of skywalking . Got a sensitive stomach Then click on a different Green ...  read full story on "Green Prophet" »

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5x5 Challenge with Elaine Ray beads
Blogger Cynthia Deis published Sat Jun 01 03:08 2013 - shiny little things

Elaine Ray is the featured artist in this month's Bead Chat Magazine. The 5x5 test group takes 5 jewelry makers and gives them 5 components from bead artists. You have to visit the on line magazine to check out what the artists made Check out the Elaine Ray 5x5 Test Group beads and the magazine here.  read full story on "shiny little things" »

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Where the Millennium Development Goals Fell Short Valuing Nature
Blogger Dr. Fred Boltz published Wed May 29 10:00 2013 - Conservation International
We have a critical opportunity to chart a new course for sustainable development.  read full story on "Conservation International" »

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Repurposing Tree Trunks Or Stumps
Blogger Cathy Ives - Eco Green Services published Mon May 27 04:27 2013 - Green Eco Services

A friend on mine on Facebook, recently had to take down a tree and wondered what to do with the trunk. Should he take out the stump or reuse it I voted to reuse it, as I had to take out 5 Ficus trees, that destroyed my fence and were working on the sidewalk and ...  read full story on "Green Eco Services" »

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