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Best Practices in Sustainability Employee Engagement and Reporting
Blogger Richard Matthews published Tue Jun 04 08:33 2013 - The GREEN MARKET

It is widely understood that adopting best practices in sustainability can offer a significant competitive advantage. There is ample incentive to get on board. In 2012, sales of sustainable goods and services reached 1 trillion globally and in 2013, it may double to reach 2 trillion. As early as 2017, the sustainable economy could be worth 10 trillion in annual global revenue. Almost three out of four Americans now believe that climate change is real and they want companies to do something about it. The implementation of best practice campaigns can help companies to respond to consumer demand and capitalize...  read full story on "The GREEN MARKET" »

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Can Captain Sunshine Save Better Place
Blogger Maurice Picow published Tue Jun 04 02:48 2013 - Green Prophet

Better Place’s sudden bankruptcy announcement only a week ago left more than 900 electric car owners in Israel uncertain about the future of the cars they bought. But Captain Sunshine, a solar energy pioneer in Israel says he might be able to help save Better Place. The plausible idea for revamping the company is being ...  read full story on "Green Prophet" »

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Scientist Using Viruses to Improve Batteries, Solar Cells and Biofuels Wins Major Prize
Blogger RP Siegel published Tue Jun 04 09:00 2013 - Triple Pundit
MIT Materials Scientist Angela Belcher has been doing amazing things for a while now. Her work uniquely combines biotechnology and nanotechnology. She has produced solutions to numerous critical problems in the clean energy field including solar PV, battery technology and biofuels by developing viruses that will bind together and grow materials in ways that were previously not possible, or else highly energy-intensive, dirty, or wasteful. Today, she is the 2013 Winner of the 500,000 MIT Lemelson Prize. The post Scientist Using Viruses to Improve Batteries, Solar Cells and Biofuels Wins Major Prize appeared first on Triple Pundit People, Planet, Profit.  read full story on "Triple Pundit" »

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Environmental Justice The Invisible Hand and the Invisible Man
Blogger Skeo Solutions published Mon Jun 03 05:36 2013 - Triple Pundit
Businesses, particularly those already concerned about sustainability, can benefit enormously from the market opportunities that exist in the sustainable and equitable redevelopment of distressed communities. Businesses can also play a significant role in their economic and environmental renewal. The post Environmental Justice The Invisible Hand and the Invisible Man appeared first on Triple Pundit People, Planet, Profit.  read full story on "Triple Pundit" »

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Raytheon Decreases Emissions, but Could Increase Support for Veterans
Blogger Leon Kaye published Mon Jun 03 05:16 2013 - Triple Pundit
Last week, Raytheon issued its annual corporate social responsiblity CSR report, with a focus on the environment, social issues and corporate governance. The post Raytheon Decreases Emissions, but Could Increase Support for Veterans appeared first on Triple Pundit People, Planet, Profit.  read full story on "Triple Pundit" »

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Two Months Later, Arkansas Residents Still Hurting From ExxonMobil Tar Sands Spill
Blogger Rocky Kistner published Mon Jun 03 11:50 2013 - NRDC Switchboard

Rocky Kistner, Communications Associate, Washington, DC More than two months after ExxonMobil’s 65-year-old Pegasus pipeline burst and spewed a gusher of thick Canadian tar sands oil through Mayflower, AR, and into a marsh on Lake Conway the state’s most popular fishing spot residents are still complaining of health problems...  read full story on "NRDC Switchboard" »

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Hello Kitty Reversible Plush Turkey Is Officially Weird
Blogger Steve Levenstein published Sun Jun 02 12:00 2013 - Inventor Spot

The Hello Kitty Reversible Plush Turkey is exactly what it seems to be a soft Hello Kitty doll that, when turned inside-out, becomes a plush roast turkey branded with the Hello Kitty logo. It's officially weird for sure, and an official product from Sanrio to boot.  read full story on "Inventor Spot" »

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Improve Your Entrepreneurship Find Your Inner Child
Blogger David Gold published Sat Jun 01 07:30 2013 - CleanTechies Blog

Anyone who has been a parent knows that if we pay attention, we can learn a lot from our children. After years of being both a father and an entrepreneur, it dawned on me that most kids are born entrepreneurial by nature. Young children exhibit many of the characteristics that are the essence of great ... Rating 0.0-5 0 votes cast  read full story on "CleanTechies Blog" »

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Nuclear Power Has Prevented 1.84 Million Premature Deaths, Study Says
Blogger Yale Environment 360 published Fri May 31 11:00 2013 - CleanTechies Blog

The use of nuclear power from 1971 to 2009 prevented more than 1.8 million premature deaths related to air pollution and 64 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions, a new study says. Using historical production data and estimates of mortality per unit of electricity generated, scientists from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia ... Rating 5.0-5 1 vote cast  read full story on "CleanTechies Blog" »

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Oregon Wheat Found Contaminated with Unapproved GE Wheat
Blogger Beyond Pesticides published Fri May 31 12:01 2013 - Beyond Pesticides
Beyond Pesticides, May 31, 2013 The U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA announced that unapproved genetically engineered GE wheat was found growing in an Oregon wheat field. The discovery has implications for U.S. trade as Japan has already indicated it would stop purchasing U.S. wheat exports. According to USDA officials, an Oregon farmer sprayed his wheat ...  read full story on "Beyond Pesticides" »

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