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The Stealth Problem of Predatory Mortgage Modifications
Blogger Yves Smith published Tue Jun 04 03:20 2013 - naked capitalism

Warning mortgage modifications can be yet another exercise in bank predation.  read full story on "naked capitalism" »

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Going Green Good Insects Vs. Bad Insects
Blogger Laurie Kay Olson published Tue Jun 04 08:04 2013 - Inventor Spot

There are healthy and safe ways to take care of the pests in your garden without resorting to poison. Let good bugs take over and get rid of the ones that are killing your plants. It is better for the environment and better for you -- and they are easily available for order to be shipped right to you.  read full story on "Inventor Spot" »

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Solar Structures Offer Affordable Solar Roof Alternative
Blogger LYNNE OCONNOR published Mon Jun 03 03:29 2013 - Jetson Green

A new partnership between Silicon Energy and CrystaLite that was announced at the recent Living Future unConference in Seattle is bringing a new alternative to photovoltaic solar roof implementations and ground-mounted installations the solar structure. PV-integrated structures provide home and business owners with extensive flexibility in the design and implementation of solar power when a ...  read full story on "Jetson Green" »

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How I Support Peas
Blogger The Garden Smallholder published Mon Jun 03 10:07 2013 - The Garden Smallholder
I love seeing peas scrambling up natural pea sticks, tiny tendrils stretching out, curling tightly around their rustic support like miniature green springs. However, when it comes to supporting taller and heavier cropping peas Blauwschokker’ for example , sometimes a sturdier or taller form of support is needed. Using several long bamboo canes and pieces of chicken or  read full story on "The Garden Smallholder" »

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Wrap Side Table and Storage Bin
Blogger brian yalung published Mon Jun 03 08:34 2013 - Bedzine

It may not look as sturdy as you would want side tables or storage would be, but the Wrap is certainly something handy to consider, especially if you want something which carries a different design that offers practically the same functionality. The Wrap was designed by Oato, the whole thing was made using a sheet of birch plywood which was molded in a cone-like manner to serve as its base. They are made stable by connecting the birch-root stitching where pins are used to secure the tabletop-lid. Once placed and secure, the Wrap stands to be a good piece to...  read full story on "Bedzine" »

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reclaimed wood coffee table with Keep Calm message
Blogger Ross Dulmaine published Mon Jun 03 10:18 2013 - The Alternative Consumer
We love the look, we love the process and we love the message Keep Calm and Carry On This eco-friendly coffee table is made out of reclaimed and salvaged beams and pallet wood. The distressed-lokking graphic art is applied via a special’ process. Perfect for a rustic weekend home in the country think Catskills . ...  read full story on "The Alternative Consumer" »

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Of Fairies and Petunias and Imperfect Gardens
Blogger Shawna published Mon Jun 03 07:30 2013 - The Casual Gardener
Today I share with you a random happy event that occurred in my garden. I used to be a person that believed in weeding and cleaning a garden to perfection. Ridiculousness from end to end. What was I thinking I was missing that the beauty is in the imperfection. I have since adopted a different ...  read full story on "The Casual Gardener" »

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The Fly F-A-B Chair
Blogger brian yalung published Sun Jun 02 07:49 2013 - Bedzine

It looks a lot like a kite but the Fly F-A-B Chair is actually a wing-inspired chair that can be considered for any home or office. The Fly F-A-B chair comes from Farg Blanche, offering a futuristic looking chair that should serve the expected functionality chairs would normally do. The chair was made using minimalistic construction, adding a certain imaginative touch that only creative minds can probably think of. It features some extended wings on the side which encompass the said chair, giving a cocooned-like feeling for anyone who would end up sitting on it. Additional features include that of...  read full story on "Bedzine" »

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Another Portal-themed Bedroom Design
Blogger brian yalung published Sun Jun 02 12:47 2013 - Bedzine

Themed bedrooms are nothing new for many. But the thing about some existing ones, they spur up some inspiration so that folks can improve and come up with better ones. Something like this Portal-themed bedroom design which is another version courtesy of a certain Laura. Apparently she wanted to make her room unique and filled with references towards the said Portal game, something which should easily educate people not readily familiar with it. The result is a clean and geeky themed bedroom design, filled with orange and blue LEDs as well as some mirrors which can offer new bedroom design...  read full story on "Bedzine" »

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The Fifth Avenue Sofa
Blogger brian yalung published Sun Jun 02 03:12 2013 - Bedzine

Reportedly inspired by New York City’s skyline, here is another lush sofa you can check out for your home. The Fifth Avenue Sofa comes from Dima Loginoff, a long and plush piece which should be fit for any kind of home interior. The sofa features staggered cushions for backrests, interestingly shaped to resemble the said NY city skyline. The lower section somehow does the same thing on a seemingly inverted way. In either gray or black upholstery, the Fifth Avenue Sofa looks stellar when given a back light that emphasizes its dynamic, city slicker silhouette. Via The Fifth Avenue Sofa  read full story on "Bedzine" »

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