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Luxury Body Butter
Blogger Brenda published Tue Jun 04 04:00 2013 - The Green Familia Lifestyle

I have had a couple of people contact me saying they are looking for some body butters to recommend so I thought I would post the Luxury Body Butter available from my Wikaniko shop. A highly moisturising body butter packed with natural and organic lipids emulsified by an ecocert approved agent. Smooth to the touch ... Related posts TGF Rated Review Mango Body Butter from Boots Free evolve Heavenly Smooth Body Polish when you spend 20 Why not make your own body scrub for Silky Smooth Skin  read full story on "The Green Familia Lifestyle" »

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Kiss My Face Sunscreen a tried and true review
Blogger Maureen O'Connor published Sun Jun 02 12:49 2013 - The Alternative Consumer
Full disclosure Kiss My Face provided us with 3 different products for the purposes of this Tried and True Green Products Review. We recently lathered up with 3 new Kiss My Face Sunscreen products and spent a full day at the beach here in south Florida. Not only did the products work by preventing us ...  read full story on "The Alternative Consumer" »

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The Best Reason Not to Get a Boob Job
Blogger Starre Vartan published Fri May 31 12:35 2013 - Eco-Chick
The thing that nobody ever tells you and who knew there were secrets in this personal-details-everywhere world is that breasts change over time. This is the thing ... The post The Best Reason Not to Get a Boob Job appeared first on Eco-Chick.  read full story on "Eco-Chick" »

Related topics: Health
Make your Own Shaving Cream
Blogger greenandcleanmom published Fri May 31 09:06 2013 - Green and Clean Mom
It’s that time of year when I shave almost daily and that says a lot because I live in where it snows most of the year I am wearing shorts, bathing suits, dresses and skirts with the warm weather and the last thing I want is for my legs to be hairy and gross looking ... Post from Green and Clean Mom TM all rights reserved. Make your Own Shaving Cream The post Make your Own Shaving Cream appeared first on Green and Clean Mom .  read full story on "Green and Clean Mom" »

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New Skincare Range Little Green Radicals
Blogger Hannah B published Thu May 30 07:00 2013 - The Green Familia Lifestyle

Please put your hands together and give a warm welcome to Little Green Radicals and their new natural skincare range. Little Green Radicals who specialize in organic fashion for free range kids, are happy to introduce their new natural skincare range, and to celebrate its launch are offering 25 off of their natural skincare products. ... Related posts Discover Luxurious Organic Monkey Baby Skincare Little Green Radicals at Sadie and Frank Mary Jean Natural Skincare  read full story on "The Green Familia Lifestyle" »

Related topics: Lifestyle Health
Green Beauty on the Go Simplify Your Routine for Summer Travel
Blogger Stephanie Rogers published Wed May 29 11:32 2013 - Eco-Chick
Lighten up your beauty routine for travel this summer, trading out bulky, heavy items for multipurpose products that will keep you feeling pampered and pretty, ... The post Green Beauty on the Go Simplify Your Routine for Summer Travel appeared first on Eco-Chick.  read full story on "Eco-Chick" »

Related topics: Health Energy Lifestyle
One Man's Trash...The Shadow Sculptures of Diet Wiegman
Blogger Art Outside The Lines published Wed May 29 11:00 2013 - Inventor Spot

Is that Michael Jackson standing in front of a mangled pile of trash No, that's just the brilliant balance of darkness and light in Diet Wiegman's playful and profound shadow sculptures.  read full story on "Inventor Spot" »

Related topics: Lifestyle Crafts Health
The Naughtiest Necklaces In Fashion By Nicole Locher
Blogger Fashion Finds published Wed May 29 08:27 2013 - Inventor Spot

Nicole Locher makes pretty, dainty necklaces in womanly least that's how they look from afar. From up close, these necklace designs are the naughtiest necklaces in fashion today.  read full story on "Inventor Spot" »

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The Food Guide 100 Cotton Tea Towel
Blogger Hannah B published Fri May 24 07:00 2013 - The Green Familia Lifestyle

Here at TGF we love creative and unique products that add something special to our homes. This is why we love the Food Guide, an innovative 100 Cotton Tea Towel that allows your creative juices to flow whilst in the kitchen. The Food Guide is an easy to use infographic that helps you to remember what ... Related posts Organic Fortnight Post Do the dishes tea towel Help charity and buy a tea towel TGF Likes Tea Towel Journal  read full story on "The Green Familia Lifestyle" »

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Anti Ageing Moisturiser
Blogger Brenda published Thu May 23 12:00 2013 - The Green Familia Lifestyle

Anti-ageing Moisturiser with Monoi Oil Gardenia Flowers. Nourishes skin with natural plant actives,antioxidants vitamins to help restore elasticity, improve firmness keep skin protected from free radical damage. This range is handcrafted with the finest anti-ageing ingredients nature has to offer to provide firmer, brighter, more youthful looking skin. Naturally active ingredients support healthy skin ... Related posts Working 9 to 5 Anti-Ageing Cream Aloe Vera Anti Ageing Cream evolve Organic Beauty Launches New Goji Berry Anti-ageing Hand Treatment Duo  read full story on "The Green Familia Lifestyle" »

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