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Kelp Noodle Salad with Homemade Peanut Dressing
Blogger Becky Striepe published Tue Jun 04 10:00 2013 - Glue and Glitter
Ever since trying them a few weeks ago, I have been crazy for kelp noodles  read full story on "Glue and Glitter" »

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Vegetarians live longer, researchers find
Blogger John Upton published Tue Jun 04 10:46 2013 - Grist
A recent study found that vegetarians were 12 percent less likely to die over a six-year period than were meat eaters. Men in particular got a health boost from skipping meat.  read full story on "Grist" »

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Caffeine withdrawal is a legit mental disorder now
Blogger Holly Richmond published Tue Jun 04 10:18 2013 - Grist
Surprising zero coffee drinkers anywhere, denying someone her caffeine is a BAD IDEA.  read full story on "Grist" »

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New Study Says Vegetarians May Live Longer Than Omnivores
Blogger Ali Berman published Tue Jun 04 07:29 2013 -
A new study from researchers at Loma Linda University in California suggests that vegetarians and vegans may outlive their omnivorous friends. Read More The post New Study Says Vegetarians May Live Longer Than Omnivores appeared first on Ecorazzi.  read full story on "" »

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Food LCA The Elusive Quest to Go Beyond Carbon
Blogger Sara Pax published Tue Jun 04 09:49 2013 - Environmental Management News

Each time we speak about food product life cycle analysis LCA , the question of whether or not to use a multi-indicator approach comes up. It’s understandable to hear this question from players in the food industry who are confronted regularly with issues of water use, waste, and cost reduction, although usually not in an LCA ...  read full story on "Environmental Management News" »

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5 Ways to Green Your Diet and Save Money
Blogger Guest Author published Mon Jun 03 12:19 2013 - The Good Human

Help support The Good Human by doing all of your Amazon shopping thru our affiliate link. A very modest commission is generated at no cost to you which helps support the site.Help support The Good Human by doing all of your Amazon shopping thru our affiliate link. A very modest commission is generated at no cost to you which helps support the site.Many Americans are heeding the call to go green, but for those still resisting the main reason is often the exorbitant cost. While trading ... The Good Human  read full story on "The Good Human" »

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Global Grain Reserves Are Low Legacy of U.S. Drought
Blogger Codi Yeager-Kozacek published Mon Jun 03 03:00 2013 - Circle of Blue
Dwindling water supplies, low grain supplies, high prices for bread, meat, milk are outcomes of one of the worst droughts in the American history. The post Global Grain Reserves Are Low Legacy of U.S. Drought appeared first on Circle of Blue WaterNews.  read full story on "Circle of Blue" »

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Backyard Party Eating
Blogger lorigami published Mon Jun 03 06:00 2013 - Team EcoEsty

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s pretty much officially backyard party, outdoor eating season. In celebration of that here are a few seasonal recipes for you to enjoy on these glorious summer nights. All are vegetarian, and use typical early summer ingredients that you can hopefully find at your local farmer’s market. ...  read full story on "Team EcoEsty" »

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Community Process for Urban Agriculture Rezoning in Boston Begins
Blogger Evan Coleman published Mon Jun 03 02:25 2013 - CLF Scoop
Urban agriculture is taking off in Boston, from neighborhood gardens and markets to City Hall. Since January 2012, staff from Boston Mayor Menino’s office, along with a number of farming advocates, urban agriculture experts, and neighborhood representatives have met monthly to draft a new section of the Boston Zoning Code, Article 89. Article 89 addresses the growing interest in urban agriculture and specifically commercial urban agriculture by expanding opportunities and reducing local regulatory barriers in Boston. A comprehensive draft of the proposed rezoning has been completed, and Article 89 is now available for review. The Boston Redevelopment Authority BRA has...  read full story on "CLF Scoop" »

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Young Boy Beautifully Explains Why People Should Not Eat Animals in Poignant Video
Blogger Sherrell Dorsey published Mon Jun 03 02:03 2013 - Inhabitots
Mealtime can be a challenge for any parent dealing with a picky eater but for one young boy, what he puts in his mouth isn’t so much about being picky, it’s about being humane. According to Luiz Antonia, a brilliant hungry toddler turned YouTube sensation, fish are animals and so are pigs, cows and ...  read full story on "Inhabitots" »

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