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Spotted DIY Bling from Old Magazines
Blogger Becky Striepe published Tue Jun 04 03:00 2013 - greenUPGRADER

Can you believe that this beautiful costume jewelry is made from upcycled magazine pages  read full story on "greenUPGRADER" »

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Superwicked Jewelry by GWAAN
Blogger Pearl Blay published Tue Jun 04 08:00 2013 - The Beading Gems Journal
It's one thing to design distinctive jewelry which stand above the crowd, it is another to be truly innovative and come up with wearable jewelry pieces which aren't mainstream. Italian designer Gwaan's Etsy store on Etsy, Superwicked does precisely that. Her designs don't fit the norm. Yet Gwaan's designs clearly strike a chord with others who don't want to wear the same type of jewelry like everyone else. Her finger tip rings do highlight manicures don't they She also has a zig zag jewelry line like the chained ear cuff earrings above and her chained collar necklace below. Magnets underneath...  read full story on "The Beading Gems Journal" »

Related topics: Fashion Design
T-Shirts Support Bangladesh Garment Industry Workers
Blogger Starre Vartan published Tue Jun 04 09:32 2013 - Eco-Chick
The Spectrum Ali Tazreen Rana T-Shirts were made to support and cause awareness of the growing epidemic that is fast fashion and the horrific garment factories pushing clothing ... The post T-Shirts Support Bangladesh Garment Industry Workers appeared first on Eco-Chick.  read full story on "Eco-Chick" »

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Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie
Blogger Erika Jurney published Tue Jun 04 10:06 2013 - try handmade
Plum Pretty Sugar Lounge wear, bedding accessories borne from the idea of bringing breezy happiness, cozy comfort and easy-living chic to lounge wear, home and accessories. Dreamily imagined, the designs features giftable, gorgeous silhouettes in whisper-soft fabric in enchanting garden The post Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie appeared first on Try Handmade.  read full story on "try handmade" »

Related topics: Fashion
VPOD Vintage 1960s Sequin Cocktail Dress
Blogger Mary Kincaid published Mon Jun 03 12:38 2013 - Zuburbia Vintage Clothes

Celebrate the start of peach season the ripe juicy kind with this scrumptious vintage dress. Available at Adored Vintage. To receive the VPOD via email along with detailed size, price and purchase information, sign up for my growing email list here. Your information will never be sold or shared and you can easily unsubscribe at any time.  read full story on "Zuburbia Vintage Clothes" »

Related topics: Fashion
Levi’s WasteLess Jeans, Recycling Clothes and Recycling Patagonia Clothes
Blogger Norman Fong published Mon Jun 03 04:00 2013 - Easy Eco Blog
Patagonia has a Common Threads Garment recycling program where customers could return their worn out clothes. You can drop select Patagonia items off at their retail stores or send them to Patagonia Service Center ATTN Common Threads Recycling Program 8550 White Fir Street Reno, NV 89523-8939 Recycling used clothing Local Consignment stores take high quality ... Related posts Bamboo Textiles, Bamboo Clothes Not Green, Not Eco Friendly Green BBQ with Bamboo Plates Bamboo Picture Frames New iPhone 5 Recycling iPhones and Electronics Save Money Washing Clothes in Cold Water  read full story on "Easy Eco Blog" »

Related topics: Fashion Markets
A New Spin on Biomimicry in Architecture and Design 'Silk Pavilion' by MIT MediaLab's Mediated Matter Group
published Mon Jun 03 05:00 2013 - Core77
It seems like nearly every video from the MIT MediaLab is bound to be come a holy-crap-technology-is-awesome viral hit, and the latest one from the Mediated Matter group is no exception. Unveiled last week, the Silk Pavilion explores the relationship between digital and biological fabrication on product and architectural scales. Inspired by the silkworm's ability to generate a 3D cocoon out of a single multi-property silk thread 1km in length , the overall geometry of the pavilion was created using an algorithm that assigns a single continuous thread across patches providing various degrees of density. Overall density variation was informed...  read full story on "Core77" »

Related topics: Fashion
Is This The Most Expensive Pen On Amazon
Blogger Bob J published Sat Jun 01 08:16 2013 - Inventor Spot

At 48,000.00 you might think that the Omas Limited Edition Phoenix Fountain Pen is the most expensive pen on Amazon. And if you did think that you might well be right. If you're in the market for a new pen to craft the perfect letter, you may have come to the right place, at exactly the right time.  read full story on "Inventor Spot" »

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Land Mine Jewelry
Blogger Pearl Blay published Fri May 31 08:00 2013 - The Beading Gems Journal
One of the many terrible legacies of war are landmines because they continue to maim and kill long after the conflict has ended. The impoverished people in those countries most afflicted have no choice but to venture into mined areas to plant food crops. Bricks of Hope Freedom from Fear Cambodia in South East Asia has one of the highest casualty rates in the world, the result of 30 years of war. A third of the victims are children. An estimated 4- 6 million mines still remain to be cleared. Progress is slow with 87 of land yet to be...  read full story on "The Beading Gems Journal" »

Related topics: Fashion Design
Women Exercising While They Work Sexist
Blogger Sandra published Fri May 31 01:37 2013 - Debutante Clothing
I ran across this funny at least to me article about vintage images of housewives staying in shape while they do their household chores. Of course my vintage-tracked mind went straight for this skirt. Now, I consider myself a feminist. I believe that women should be paid equally as men...  read full story on "Debutante Clothing" »

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