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Jeremy Blum Remote Controlled Graduation Cap
Blogger Alan Parekh published Tue Jun 04 04:38 2013 - Hacked Gadgets

Congrats to Jeremy Blum for graduating from Cornell University He made a cool Remote Controlled Graduation Cap that he controls using a custom built wrist control box. The cap has an RGB LED in it and is capable of not only grabbing user submitted color suggestions but also a variety of pre-programmed ones. ...  read full story on "Hacked Gadgets" »

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Superwicked Jewelry by GWAAN
Blogger Pearl Blay published Tue Jun 04 08:00 2013 - The Beading Gems Journal
It's one thing to design distinctive jewelry which stand above the crowd, it is another to be truly innovative and come up with wearable jewelry pieces which aren't mainstream. Italian designer Gwaan's Etsy store on Etsy, Superwicked does precisely that. Her designs don't fit the norm. Yet Gwaan's designs clearly strike a chord with others who don't want to wear the same type of jewelry like everyone else. Her finger tip rings do highlight manicures don't they She also has a zig zag jewelry line like the chained ear cuff earrings above and her chained collar necklace below. Magnets underneath...  read full story on "The Beading Gems Journal" »

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Another way to hang your bike on the wall The Elk
Blogger Lloyd Alter published Tue Jun 04 10:38 2013 - TreeHugger

For many, a bike is more than just transportation. Here is another way to display it like a work of art.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

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This has legs furniture designed for giant table-sized computers
Blogger Lloyd Alter published Tue Jun 04 10:12 2013 - TreeHugger

Its a problem that went away with the move to notebooks how do you accommodate a computer big enough to eat dinner off  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

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2013 Core77 Design Awards Live Broadcasts Start Monday
published Tue Jun 04 09:30 2013 - Core77
There's less than one week before our 2013 Core77 Design Awards Live Broadcasts start We couldn't be more excited for our annual celebration of the best design from all over the globe. We saw a lot of inspiring and innovative work from every corner of the world, and we are looking forward to sharing all of it with you. Starting Monday, June 10, our 17 categories from 10 different countries announcing LIVE our incredible 2013 Winners. So, be sure to check out the schedule and set your alarms, because these announcements are something you don't want to miss So without...  read full story on "Core77" »

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Daily Delight Wythe Hotel Bedroom Blues
Blogger Lili Zarghami published Tue Jun 04 06:00 2013 - HGTV Green Home

It only really, truly got warm OK, sweltering here in...  read full story on "HGTV Green Home" »

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3D Printers Unite For Goodwill Rad 3D Printing Tools Via Printers for Peace Contest
Blogger Arnold Carreiro published Tue Jun 04 02:30 2013 - Inventor Spot

The concept of personal 3D printers has spread like wildfire, and Michigan Tech wants to make sure that the first things that people think of when the innovative product making platform is mentioned include harmony, joy and other peaceful goodies.  read full story on "Inventor Spot" »

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Is this Canada's Greenest Home
Blogger Lloyd Alter published Mon Jun 03 02:57 2013 - TreeHugger

They make a strong case for it. They've made just about all the right choices.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

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Wrap Side Table and Storage Bin
Blogger brian yalung published Mon Jun 03 08:34 2013 - Bedzine

It may not look as sturdy as you would want side tables or storage would be, but the Wrap is certainly something handy to consider, especially if you want something which carries a different design that offers practically the same functionality. The Wrap was designed by Oato, the whole thing was made using a sheet of birch plywood which was molded in a cone-like manner to serve as its base. They are made stable by connecting the birch-root stitching where pins are used to secure the tabletop-lid. Once placed and secure, the Wrap stands to be a good piece to...  read full story on "Bedzine" »

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Modular Open Case Wall System
Blogger brian yalung published Mon Jun 03 03:34 2013 - Bedzine

Here are some more neat and simple organizing solutions for you, shelves which should make sure that your clutter is kept in check. They are the Modular Open Case Wall System from Henrybuilt, a reconfigurable storage system which should be made just right for any kind of home setting. The system features an innovative rod and panel design ideal for homes and offices. They are handcrafted and include components such as steel, wood, and leather fittings to produce a lush storage solution that most people look for to hold their books, clocks, vases or even pictures which may have run...  read full story on "Bedzine" »

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