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Spotted DIY Bling from Old Magazines
Blogger Becky Striepe published Tue Jun 04 03:00 2013 - greenUPGRADER

Can you believe that this beautiful costume jewelry is made from upcycled magazine pages  read full story on "greenUPGRADER" »

Related topics: Fashion Crafts Lifestyle
eBAY ROUNDUP of Vintage Clothing Finds
Blogger Mary Kincaid published Tue Jun 04 10:41 2013 - Zuburbia Vintage Clothes

Check out these fab eBay vintage clothing and accessory auctions ending soon including items by YSL, Nina Ricci, Bes-Ben, Michael Novarese, Hanae Mori and Pucci. Be sure not to miss the 1990s Chanel combat boots and Versace Medusa boots, the 1950s large beaded poodle purse and the antique nautical glass bead shawl. CLICK IMAGE TO GO TO EBAY AUCTION Vintage 1990s Gianni Versace Couture Dress miami9712  read full story on "Zuburbia Vintage Clothes" »

Related topics: Crafts
Jeremy Blum Remote Controlled Graduation Cap
Blogger Alan Parekh published Tue Jun 04 04:38 2013 - Hacked Gadgets

Congrats to Jeremy Blum for graduating from Cornell University He made a cool Remote Controlled Graduation Cap that he controls using a custom built wrist control box. The cap has an RGB LED in it and is capable of not only grabbing user submitted color suggestions but also a variety of pre-programmed ones. ...  read full story on "Hacked Gadgets" »

Related topics: Design Crafts
Get Crafty DIY Party Garlands Too Pretty to Take Down
Blogger Lauren Peabody published Tue Jun 04 11:00 2013 - Adore Vintage

We have a couple employee birthdays here at Adored Vintage HQ and in preparation for the June festivities we found some great DIY party decorations that are too pretty just to use at celebrations. We love the idea of adding a pretty garland to a picture wall or above a headboard. Thanks to some AMAZING crafty bloggers we may be making garlands instead of working this week Just kidding, but we did find some amazing tutorials, take a look below Tissue Paper Garlan Tutorial from Ruffled Blog With minimal supplies and your crafty hat you can make your own custom...  read full story on "Adore Vintage" »

Related topics: Crafts
How to fix the climate, in one simple flowchart
Blogger James West published Tue Jun 04 06:08 2013 - Grist
Will eating fewer hamburgers help How about dumping iron into the ocean Here's your one-stop shop for the answers.  read full story on "Grist" »

Related topics: Crafts Environment Politics
3D Printers Unite For Goodwill Rad 3D Printing Tools Via Printers for Peace Contest
Blogger Arnold Carreiro published Tue Jun 04 02:30 2013 - Inventor Spot

The concept of personal 3D printers has spread like wildfire, and Michigan Tech wants to make sure that the first things that people think of when the innovative product making platform is mentioned include harmony, joy and other peaceful goodies.  read full story on "Inventor Spot" »

Related topics: Events Design Lifestyle Crafts
The GOP's most recognized 'leaders'
Blogger Steve Benen published Tue Jun 04 08:30 2013 - The Maddow Blog
We talked yesterday about the new report from the College National Republican Committee, detailing their party's difficulties in connecting with younger voters. As the College Republicans explained, it's a dismal present situation, with focus groups, led by GOP pollsters, find  read full story on "The Maddow Blog" »

Related topics: Crafts Community
Making Makerspaces Creating a Business Model
Blogger Gui Cavalcanti published Tue Jun 04 10:00 2013 - MAKE Magazine
This is the second in a series of posts called Making Makerspaces, a distillation of the information gathered for a series of How to Make a Makerspace workshops produced by Artisan's Asylum and MAKE. These posts will appear on a more-or-less weekly basis, and will focus on mission-critical topics related to founding and running creative manufacturing space. Today, we'll be discussing common types of expenses and income that makerspaces around the world experience on a regular basis in order to help you create a business model for a space of your own. In the process of identifying these expenses and...  read full story on "MAKE Magazine" »

Related topics: Crafts
How-To TRON Bow
Blogger Sean Michael Ragan published Tue Jun 04 12:06 2013 - MAKE Magazine
Becky and Phil's ongoing quest to TRON-ify the universe, begun back in the summer of 2010 in anticipation of the not-so-much-worth-all-the-anticipation-after-all TRON reboot movie, continues undeterred by disappointing directorial choices, secure in the knowledge that pretty much anything, jazzed up with EL wire, is awesome. Read the full article on MAKE  read full story on "MAKE Magazine" »

Related topics: Crafts Technology
Crowd funded The Nikola Tesla statue officially coming to Silicon Valley
Blogger Katie Fehrenbacher published Mon Jun 03 01:06 2013 - GigaOM
Silicon Valley will soon be getting a reminder of the power of thinking big a life-sized bronzed statue of Nikola Tesla in Palo Alto, Calif.  read full story on "GigaOM" »

Related topics: Crafts
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