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European Emissions Decreased by 2.1 Percent in 2012
Blogger Edouard Stenger published Tue Jun 04 09:00 2013 - CleanTechies Blog

According to the latest statistics from Eurostat the data agency for the European Commission greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union fell by 2.1 percent from 2011 to 2012. This takes place after a massive 4.1 percent decrease from 2010 to 2011. This decrease can be explained by the increased importance of renewable ... Rating 0.0-5 0 votes cast  read full story on "CleanTechies Blog" »

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a mixed bag of green news
Blogger Ross Dulmaine published Tue Jun 04 09:40 2013 - The Alternative Consumer
Our latest edition of annotated eco news. These hounds are totally effective sort of like the direwolves on Game of Thrones Sheepdogs Save Australia’s Endangered Penguins livescience Start the divorce clock countdown now. Sean Parker Fined 2.5 Million for Environmental Infractions at Big Sur Wedding More bad karma Storied Nuke Plant Becomes ...  read full story on "The Alternative Consumer" »

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Will ExxonMobil Adapt to Climate Change Not Likely
Blogger Bill DiBenedetto published Tue Jun 04 05:12 2013 - Triple Pundit
Don't expect much from ExxonMobil with regards to adapting to climate change. The post Will ExxonMobil Adapt to Climate Change Not Likely appeared first on Triple Pundit People, Planet, Profit.  read full story on "Triple Pundit" »

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ExxonMobil Points to Malaria Efforts to Justify Emissions, Fracking and Pipelines
Blogger Tina Casey published Tue Jun 04 05:07 2013 - Triple Pundit
ExxonMobil's 2012 Corporate Citizenship Report lists progress in environmental management since 2002, but it continues to pursue risky fossil fuels including tar sands oil and natural gas fracking. The post ExxonMobil Points to Malaria Efforts to Justify Emissions, Fracking and Pipelines appeared first on Triple Pundit People, Planet, Profit.  read full story on "Triple Pundit" »

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ConEd Upgrading Infrastructure Why Not Address The Underlying Problem
Blogger 2GreenEnergy published Mon Jun 03 01:30 2013 - CleanTechies Blog

According to this article in SmartGridNews, Consolidated Edison, the power utility that serves New York City and the surrounding region, is in the process of spending 1 billion to upgrade its power delivery infrastructure to minimize outages in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Sandy caused incredible damage to our energy delivery systems, disrupting the lives ... Rating 0.0-5 0 votes cast  read full story on "CleanTechies Blog" »

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Accelerating Ice Sheet Melt Is Raising Sea Levels, Says New Study Accurately Reported By Wall Street Journal
Blogger Joe Romm published Mon Jun 03 05:31 2013 - Climate Progress
Sea level rise last century versus the last two decades via Jet Propulsion Lab. Is it big news that Rising Sea Level Tied to Faster Melt, as the Wall Street Journal reported today Back in 2011, JPL researchers concluded that polar ice sheet mass loss is speeding up, threatening a 1 foot sea level rise ...  read full story on "Climate Progress" »

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June 3 News Tar Sands Supporters Suffer Setback As British Columbia Rejects Pipeline
Blogger Ryan Koronowski published Mon Jun 03 10:30 2013 - Climate Progress
Prices for tar sands crude have been dropping in the absence of a reliable export route. The government of British Columbia issued an official submission to Canada’s pipeline review panel rejecting a proposed pipeline through the province to the Pacific. Guardian Efforts to expand production from the Alberta tar sands suffered a significant setback on ...  read full story on "Climate Progress" »

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Vermont Yankee Another Day Another Court Hearing
Blogger Sandy Levine published Mon Jun 03 11:43 2013 - CLF Scoop
On June 4, Judge Reiss of the Federal District Court in Burlington, Vermont will take up the latest lawsuit from Vermont Yankee’s owners. Once again, Entergy, the owner and operator of Vermont’s tired old nuclear plant, is asking a federal court to give it a free pass. Entergy wants to stop Vermont regulators from having any say over its operations. This latest skirmish involves the building of a back-up diesel generator. Entergy claims the Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires the generator and that Vermont is getting in its way. It needs the Federal Court to stop any Vermont review of the...  read full story on "CLF Scoop" »

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Worlds of Differences
Blogger Richard T. Stuebi published Mon Jun 03 07:50 2013 - Cleantech Blog
I’ve always known that Americans hold a pretty different view about the state of the energy sector than elsewhere in the world, but never really knew how to characterize those variances. Today, I write in gratitude, thanking the efforts of Sonal Patel, senior writer at Power magazine. Patel developed this helpful visual framework summarizing the ... Related posts Banking on a Low-Carbon Energy Future One of the world’s largest banks, London-based HSBC NYSE HBC issued... What If someone invents an economically-competitive energy storage technology that could be... A World of Hurt Seemingly generating nary a ripple here in the U.S.,...  read full story on "Cleantech Blog" »

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The New Normal of Super Storms.
Blogger Thom Hartmann published Mon Jun 03 03:27 2013 -

For years now, scientists have been warning us to expect massive storms fueled by warmer weather and higher levels of moisture in the atmosphere. While environmental experts will not link any one storm directly to global warming, they agree that these super hurricanes, devastating floods, and monster tornadoes are the undeniable result of climate change. Scientists warn that if we continue to pump more and more carbon pollution in our atmosphere, these storms will continue to grow in power and frequency. This is the new normal, and without immediate change it will it get even worse.  read full story on "" »

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