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Travis Banton-Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Designer
Blogger Theresa published Thu May 23 03:48 2013 - Vintage Style Files

I love watching classic films, especially for the costumes. Uber glamorous evening gowns and elaborate costumes were a hallmark of the Golden Era of Hollywood. And during the 20s, 30s and 40s some of the most exquisite of the cinematic wardrobes were designed by Travis Banton, who dressed actresses such as Mae West, Irene Dunne, ...  read full story on "Vintage Style Files" »

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Top 5 Green Halloween Tips
Blogger Carin Lynn published Tue Oct 30 06:48 2012 - The Go Green Blog

Halloween is just like any other holiday it creates a lot of trash. From the disposable costumes and decorations to the candy wrappers and plastic pumpkin trick-or-treat containers. Don’t make one scary night turn into a scary future for our kids. Go green this Halloween with these five easy tips Top 5 Green Halloween Tips Make your ...  read full story on "The Go Green Blog" »

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Get creative this Halloween
Blogger Jody Marich published Wed Oct 24 02:00 2012 - Modern Hippie Mag

It’s that time of year again Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and costume stores. There’s plenty of stores around, not to mention online retailers, but get a little creative with your search ... Read more Get creative this Halloween is a post from Modern Hippie Mag  read full story on "Modern Hippie Mag" »

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7 More Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Haunting Your Closet
Blogger Jasmin Malik Chua published Tue Oct 23 08:00 2012 - Ecouterre DIY

Read the rest of 7 More Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Haunting Your Closet Read the rest of 7 More Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Haunting Your Closet Ecouterre, 2012. Permalink One comment Add to  read full story on "Ecouterre DIY" »

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Off The Cob.
published Sun Oct 30 11:13 2011 - The Informed Vegan

Off The Cob.  read full story on "The Informed Vegan" »

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Halloween Party - A Spooky Skeleton Event
Blogger Designs by Blanche published Sat Oct 16 04:15 2010 - Designs by Blanche
To a Spook-tacular Halloween Wedding Party I am sure you are well on your way making rounds from party to party for Vanessa's A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party. Do stay for a spell if you dare... We are going right up there..... Please check your look in the mirror, we don't want to scare the other guests Ahhhh, I hear footsteps..... I think the procession is starting ... I hear the organ playing ..... Awww, Look at the lovely Flowergirl Shhhhhhhhhhhhh It's starting Good evening We are gathered here today, not to witness the beginning of what will be, but...  read full story on "Designs by Blanche" »

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Skulls and Spiders - Spooky Mondays
Blogger Designs by Blanche published Mon Sep 06 01:49 2010 - Designs by Blanche
A Trio of Spookiness- Spider Clever spider spins a thread To make a trap we call a web. Clever spider knows that she Will have some insects with her tea. -Author Unknown Skeleton Parade The skeletons are out tonight, They march about the street, With bony bodies, bony heads, And bony hands and feet. Bony bony bony bones with nothing in between, Up and down and all around They march on Hallowe'en. -Author Unknown Link up with Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland SPOOKY MONDAYS. Posts can be anything spooky, or halloween, harvest, or autumn. Have fun with it and be sure...  read full story on "Designs by Blanche" »

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Spooky Mondays - Ghosts of Halloweens Past
Blogger Designs by Blanche published Mon Aug 30 01:00 2010 - Designs by Blanche
To start off my first Spooky Monday hosted by Wendy at Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland. SPOOKY MONDAYS can be anything spooky, or halloweenie, or fall. I decided I would visit some past Halloweens - maybe I need to go through the non-didgital photos to find more Halloween things. But first up a photo I took of a photo from my childhood the good ole sixties . That's me on the right as Cinderella with my syblings. I can remeber how excited I was to have a store-bought costume I love carving pumpkins - around here it is so humid, that...  read full story on "Designs by Blanche" »

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