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Exclusive See the First Kaiju vs. Jaeger Fight in the Pacific Rim Graphic Novel
Blogger Angela Watercutter published Tue Jun 04 06:30 2013 - Wired Underwire

Unlike a lot of summer blockbusters, the movie Pacific Rim has inspired a graphic novel, not the other way around. Check out some exclusive pages from the upcoming book here.  read full story on "Wired Underwire" »

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Game of Thrones Recap It’s a Nice Day for a Red Wedding
Blogger Laura Hudson and Erik Henriksen published Mon Jun 03 09:30 2013 - Wired Underwire

The third season of Game of Thrones is here, and we’re chronicling the TV adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s world of Westeros and how it differs from the books in a series of letters between Wired writers and Game of Thrones ...  read full story on "Wired Underwire" »

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Report Nissan Leaf resale value expected to take a hit
Blogger Zach Bowman published Mon Jun 03 07:31 2013 - autoblog green
Filed under Car Buying, Hatchback, Nissan, Electric Nissan Leaf resale values may take a tumble, according to Kelley Blue Book. The vehicle evaluation resource said the 2013 Nissan Leaf will retain around 35 percent of its MSRP after three years that's down five percent from what KBB gave the 2012 Leaf at the end of 2011. Automotive News reports KBB adjusted the EV's residual value prediction because the used transaction prices for the 2011 model have stuck around 35 percent for the past few months due to relatively cheap gasoline, not to mention the fact that Nissan trimmed the electric's...  read full story on "autoblog green" »

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Double-header 52 Books in a Year Weeks 9 10
Blogger Annie Vander Pol published Sat Jun 01 11:55 2013 - thinkspace

Due to Memorial Day weekend, I am late on posting Week 9 my apologies . For Week 9, I read the novel Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. The book is a beautiful blend of cultures. The setting takes place somewhere in South America, and the two main characters of the book are Mr. Hosokawa and Roxanne Coss. ...  read full story on "thinkspace" »

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Geek's Guide to the Galaxy Alaya Dawn Johnson’s The Summer Prince Blends Human Sacrifice, Samba
Blogger Geek's Guide to the Galaxy published Sat Jun 01 06:30 2013 - Wired Underwire

In the latest episode of Geek's Guide to the Galaxy writer Alaya Dawn Johnson discusses her post-apocalyptic cyberpunk young adult novel The Summer Prince.  read full story on "Wired Underwire" »

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Green book review Urbanism Without Effort by Charles Wolfe
Blogger noreply Raz Godelnik published Fri May 31 09:31 2013 - Eco-Libris blog
Urbanism is is gaining more attention these days as we're heading towards a planet where the vast majority of people live in cities, not to mention the fact that as Alex Steffen claims we can't effectively fight climate change without looking first at the way our cities are built. The book we review today is exploring this issue in great depth and is an important addition to the ongoing discussion about urbanism. The book is Urbanism Without Effort by Charles R. Wolfe publisher Island Press What this book is about This beautifully illustrated short e-book explores the idea that to...  read full story on "Eco-Libris blog" »

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If Apes Could Talk to Atheists How Religious Life Has More to Do With Animal Instinct Than You'd Think
Blogger Beatrice Marovich , Religion... published Fri May 31 04:27 2013 - AfterNet
Frans De Waal's new book, The Bonobo and the Atheist In Search of Humanism Among the Primates hits some hot button issues. The following is a review ofThe Bonobo and the Atheist In Search of Humanism Among the Primates by Frans De Waal. W.W. Norton , 2013 For centuries, a dominant majority of western philosophers and intellectuals have asserted that humans are the rational animal. Our ability to reason, so the logic goes, is the one thing separating us from the plethora of other animals on the planet. Instinct, passion, and emotion, traditionally assigned to the animal side of life,...  read full story on "AfterNet" »

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Motherhood at 40 and the Bioethical Quagmires of Reproductive Technology
Blogger Miriam Zoll, Interlink Books published Fri May 31 02:55 2013 - AfterNet
Miriam Zoll's new book, Cracked Open Liberty, Fertility and the Pursuit of High Tech Babies explores a transition into womanhood and motherhood. The following are excerpts from Cracked Open Liberty, Fertility and the Pursuit of High Tech Babies by Miriam Zoll, including chapter titles. Interlink, May 2013 One Egg, Please, and Make It Easy I am an official member of the Late Boomer Generation. We grew up after the Pill and the Baby Boomers, in the socially transformative 1970s and 80s, watching with wide eyes while millions of American women some with children and some not infiltrated formerly closed-to-females professions...  read full story on "AfterNet" »

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The OpenBook Seat with Shelves
Blogger brian yalung published Fri May 31 07:56 2013 - Bedzine

Here is a seat that should be neat to have, especially if you are the one who loves to read a lot or wants a more orderly place. The OpenBook by TILT is a simple looking seating solution that comes with integrated shelves to place reading materials and other small items in place. It also comes with a spacious surface for placement of your coffee or drink-s, giving folks practically all that they would need for a peaceful reading or resting place once needed. It also features a fully upholstered interior which includes a side panel, offering additional comfort and...  read full story on "Bedzine" »

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How Does Superman Shave The MythBusters Have a Few Theories
Blogger Graeme McMillan published Wed May 29 02:35 2013 - Wired Underwire

As trailers for Man of Steel show, Superman had quite the beard before he went public. How did he get lose it MythBusters' Adam and Jamie have some ideas.  read full story on "Wired Underwire" »

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