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30 years of mankind’s impact on the planet caught on tape by NASA and Google
Blogger Park published Wed May 15 02:13 2013 -

Gary Larson, the biologist-meets-comic cartoonist who created The Far Side, caught fire with the public because of his unique juxtaposition of the universe versus our little lives. This cartoon of a smoldering fire lookout has always been one of my favorites. No words. Just visual irony. I saw a lot of these forest service towers growing up the in the Pacific Northwest. Can you imagine having the place burn down on your watch as you vigilantly survey the miles of evergreens through your binoculars while your chicken noodle soup boils over and short circuits your hot plate setting your post...  read full story on "" »

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The shortest path to the hero’s journey
Blogger Park published Mon May 13 09:15 2013 -

Have you ever struggled to get an important concept across to your peers We’ve all been there. The powerpoint that sucked. The big idea that didn’t penetrate smaller minds. The blown story. The unfocused presentation. There is a foolproof way to bring meaning to every pitch. It is the universal story pattern discovered by American mythologist Joseph Campbell called the monomyth, or the hero’s journey. This is the best animation I’ve seen that quickly takes you by the hand through the hero’s journey. Ted- What Makes a Hero from Wonder Boy Audio on Vimeo. This same formula that makes stories...  read full story on "" »

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The botched Xmas pageant that launched my speaking career
Blogger Park published Fri May 03 10:45 2013 -

The microphone greeted me like an angry goose craning its head from atop the wood podium. Beyond it, stark silhouettes of parents in a dark and sweaty St. Brendan’s gymnasium peered up at me. I sensed they were eager to watch their particular student play their part in the annual Christmas pageant, and that I was just another speed bump in the production. It was a tad overwhelming for this fourth grader. Poised on the stage behind me were the popular eighth graders playing Joseph, Mary and the wise men, with some younger kids dressed as livestock and a camel....  read full story on "" »

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A double shot of brand storytelling at Creative Mornings in Scottsdale
Blogger Park published Thu May 02 01:43 2013 -

I recently spoke at our local Creative Mornings, the monthly breakfast lecture series hosted in cities around the nation. The theme was Reuse in Creativity. No, it wasn’t a celebration of plagiarism. Rather, I presented a workshop on how to create more powerful stories for sustainability initiatives and green marketing, which are already replete with plagiarism Leafs on logos, globes in hands, sprigs growing out of lumps of coal . I led with my Got Green and 10 Other Brand Curdling Clich s of Green Marketing rant just so the audience understood where I stood on what I see as...  read full story on "" »

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How a fragile velociraptor devoured the Jurassic Park myth
Blogger Park published Wed May 01 11:32 2013 -

We judge everything in milliseconds. We can’t help ourselves. And if you’re responsible for telling the story about a brand, than you had better sweat the details. It is in these tiny story morsels where our customers make snap judgements about our offering, and they don’t even realize they are doing it. I finally got around to reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink, and from it I realized that our stories are often told in a blink of an eye that all-important first impression. And despite popular belief, fast decision making isn’t necessarily bad decision making. Gladwell writes about the adaptive...  read full story on "" »

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Facebook memes and their message to brand storytellers
Blogger Park published Mon Apr 29 11:52 2013 -

Seven years ago, I committed myself to understanding story structure and how we can use storytelling to nudge the world in any direction we choose. I’ve studied what Hollywood knows about creating epics, muscled through the premiere screenwriting workshop in LA, researched scores of books on why our minds are suckers for story, and we’ve practiced storytelling at our agency. Now I’m in the throes of writing a book on what I’ve learned how brands, nonprofits, internal communications departments, sustainability professionals and individuals searching for a new career path can use Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey as a road map to...  read full story on "" »

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What chief sustainability officers can learn from screenwriting
Blogger Park published Thu Apr 25 07:13 2013 -

The following article appeared today on the Sustainable Brands website. If all the world’s a stage, according to Bill Shakespeare, then one needs to look no further than the c-suite for some of its highest drama. A new, fairly misunderstood protagonist has entered this mercurial world where survival typically goes to the fittest Machiavellian mind. The success of our hero, the chief sustainability officer CSO , relies on an immense and nimble curiosity, and they must possess a cadre of skills to capture the attention of their colleagues and become a true leader, according to the new GreenBiz State...  read full story on "" »

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The only story your child needs to hear before every bike ride
Blogger Park published Wed Apr 10 03:17 2013 -

Share this rhyme with every mother and father you know who is teaching their child how to ride a bike. It’ll stick with them for the rest of their lives, and it won’t hurt when they start driving, either.  read full story on "" »

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Hell on wheels How a disabled traveler turned a bad hotel experience in San Francisco into a business
Blogger Park published Fri Apr 05 09:06 2013 -

Toward the end of my storytelling workshop at Seed Spot, an incubator for early stage social entrepreneurs in Phoenix, AZ, Brett Heising rolled in. Literally. Brett is confined to a wheel chair, but that appears to be about the only thing that restricts this entrepreneur. Last year, he had a problem with hotel accommodations in San Francisco. Instead of whining about it, he spotted an opportunity to help other disabled travelers, while holding hotels accountable, and pounced. He created, which vets and shares accessible hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. It’s essentially Yelp for the disabled. Brett asked me if...  read full story on "" »

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10 Robert McKee screenwriting insights to create more compelling brand storytellers
Blogger Park published Wed Mar 13 09:20 2013 -

If your cell phone goes off during my seminar, you will come up here to my stage and give me 10 in front of all of your screenwriting pals. If it goes off a second time, you’re kicked out. Because one ring is an accident. The second one tells me you’re an asshole. That’s how Robert McKee warmly welcomed a packed house last Thursday to his four-day Story screenwriting seminar in Los Angeles. The man is a force of nature. This clip from the movie Adaptation, where actor Brian Cox portrays the legendary screenwriting coach, only slightly exaggerates McKee’s...  read full story on "" »

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