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Texas won't allow Tesla to sell electric cars directly
Blogger Michael Graham Richard published Tue Jun 04 10:44 2013 - TreeHugger

Texas is one of those states where it is actually illegal for an automaker to sell its products directly to its customers.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

Related topics: Transportation
Another way to hang your bike on the wall The Elk
Blogger Lloyd Alter published Tue Jun 04 10:38 2013 - TreeHugger

For many, a bike is more than just transportation. Here is another way to display it like a work of art.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

Related topics: Design
8 Unbelievable octopus videos
Blogger Jaymi Heimbuch published Tue Jun 04 10:30 2013 - TreeHugger

We know that the octopus is a species that should never be underestimated, but you might not realize just how incredible it is until you've seen these crazy videos.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

Related topics: Technology
This has legs furniture designed for giant table-sized computers
Blogger Lloyd Alter published Tue Jun 04 10:12 2013 - TreeHugger

Its a problem that went away with the move to notebooks how do you accommodate a computer big enough to eat dinner off  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

Related topics: Design
Forest activists gear up to fight burning trees for electricity
Blogger Sami Grover published Tue Jun 04 09:01 2013 - TreeHugger

Our forests are not fuel says The Dogwood Alliance. But can they get energy companies to listen  read full story on "TreeHugger" »
Make a bicycle powered generator in 9 steps
Blogger Megan Treacy published Tue Jun 04 07:00 2013 - TreeHugger

We've covered plenty of pedal-powered devices before, but here's how to make your own bike-powered generator in your home.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

Related topics: Technology
Never eat canned soup again 11 delicious vegetarian soup and stew recipes
Blogger Jaymi Heimbuch published Tue Jun 04 06:00 2013 - TreeHugger

Ditch the cans of soup that are heavy on sodium and light on nutrients. This collection of diverse and much-loved soups will give you the warm and healthy meal you're craving.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

Related topics: Lifestyle
Lab-grown crystals could yield LEDs that mimic sunlight
Blogger Staff published Tue Jun 04 06:00 2013 - TreeHugger

Some reserachers are looking toward nanocrystals to create an LED that emits the white light we crave.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

Related topics: Technology
U.S. Food Waste Challenge honors World Environment Day
Blogger Margaret Badore published Mon Jun 03 07:42 2013 - TreeHugger

In keeping with this year's theme, the USDA and EPA are launching a challenge to reduce food waste at each step from farm to fork.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

Related topics: Lifestyle
Zoo elephants in the U.S. are so obese, they might go extinct
Blogger Stephen Messenger published Mon Jun 03 06:13 2013 - TreeHugger

Captive pachyderms are packing on the pounds, and it's putting their very future at risk.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

Related topics: Technology
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