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You Won't Believe What These Flowers Are Made Of
Blogger Katherine Brooks published Tue Jun 04 08:35 2013 -
Tokyo-based sculptor Tokushige Hideki is known as the bone artist, and for good reason. The meticulous craftsman creates gorgeous replicas of flowers using stark white...  read full story on "" »
State Takes Step Forward On Medical Pot
Blogger Reuters published Tue Jun 04 08:33 2013 -
LAS VEGAS, June 3 Reuters - The Nevada state legislature on Monday approved a bill establishing a system of state-regulated medical marijuana dispensaries. The measure,...  read full story on "" »
China's Environmental Problems Piling Up
Blogger Reuters published Tue Jun 04 08:26 2013 -
BEIJING, June 4 Reuters - Pollution in China's vast countryside worsened further in 2012 as a result of the encroachment of industry and mining on...  read full story on "" »
Do Vegetarians Live Longer
Blogger Amanda L. Chan published Tue Jun 04 08:20 2013 -
Eating a vegetarian diet may be associated with living longer, according to a new study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers from Loma Linda...  read full story on "" »
'Sesame Street' Project Encourages Kids To Head Outside
Blogger AP published Tue Jun 04 08:09 2013 -
NEW YORK Sesame Street wants kids to take a break from parking it indoors, and head out to a park instead. A new project...  read full story on "" »
PHOTO U.S. Gets Its First Floating Wind Turbine
Blogger Nick Visser published Tue Jun 04 07:55 2013 -
From EarthTechling's Pete Danko The first floating wind turbine in U.S. history went upright and onto the water in Brewer, Maine, on Friday, on its...  read full story on "" »
The Stunning Rise In California Solar Generation
Blogger EarthTechling published Tue Jun 04 07:54 2013 -
In the past week or so, California set a new record for solar generation then broke that record and also set a new...  read full story on "" »
Controverisal Study Proves Climate Science Can Get Very Political
Blogger Sunny Freeman published Tue Jun 04 07:52 2013 -
A Canadian researcher’s assertion that carbon dioxide emissions are not the primary cause of global warming has been met by his peers with skepticism and...  read full story on "" »
WATCH Ducklings Rescued From Race Track
Blogger Mohini Kundu published Mon Jun 03 10:18 2013 -
A mother duck picked the absolute wrong time to cross the road in this video. She waddled onto the track with four ducklings during an...  read full story on "" »
Tom Hayden Jerry Brown's Energy Diplomacy
Blogger Tom Hayden published Mon Jun 03 10:03 2013 -

Gov. Jerry Brown is accelerating his California energy diplomacy with China as President Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping begin private discussions in California this week on managing the two powers' growing geo-strategic tensions.  read full story on "" »
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