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Blogger Shopping Golightly published Sat Feb 25 10:27 2012 - The Thrifty Chicks
When reviewing old posts or interviews hindsight can be a curse. In this case, I think, it was a blessing. This piece from Thrift Culture Now delivered a message worthy of running again. It’s a myth that frugal people never shop. People often think that to be thrifty one must swear off all spending unless it falls into the basic necessities sections of their budgets, and even then they must buy the cheapest versions of those basic necessities. I know I would often find myself battling my conscience, trying to resist the urge to spend while stifling my love for...  read full story on "The Thrifty Chicks" »
Rewire us please
Blogger Shopping Golightly published Sat Jan 28 05:39 2012 - The Thrifty Chicks
I know it’s not true. Why do I hold fast to the assumption those new items will work or even meet basic expectations when they arrive in my home I constantly forget to give new items a good once over while shopping. More often than is right I must about face and return a new item because it is defunct, lacking. I waste too much time on new items and I don’t even buy that many compared to the average American consumer. I do not enjoy the abuse of quotation marks, but time has taught me that new items are...  read full story on "The Thrifty Chicks" »
The price of living
Blogger Shopping Golightly published Tue Jan 10 08:14 2012 - The Thrifty Chicks
As January sets in, I face another birthday. At 44, I don’t consider myself old but I no longer see eye to eye with youth. Could this be the nether years My daughters are growing up fast. College will set upon my oldest faster than I’m prepared while my youngest clings to the elementary school years and I cling with her. I’ve cuddled with Little Pie most every night of her life. Hard to imagine that shall pass. Watching them grow makes me aware of my own mortality and I realize just how lightly we tread on the history of...  read full story on "The Thrifty Chicks" »
Purchase Patience
Blogger Shopping Golightly published Sat Dec 24 11:44 2011 - The Thrifty Chicks
Stopped by the credit union the other day and did the standard 10 minute surgical strike at the neighborhood thrift. I found one. It’s been two years of searching I call Purchase Patience. The price is always dirt-cheap and never the issue. The problem is there’s a certain model I want. You know the old doctors scales with a platform to stand on with two weights to balance This recent scale was close in design, but not close enough. I passed. Snapshots of all the scales found but not purchased came to mind. There’ve been many. It’s not aggravating, the...  read full story on "The Thrifty Chicks" »
Beware of the looming Gifting Anxiety
Blogger Shopping Golightly published Thu Dec 15 09:38 2011 - The Thrifty Chicks
This post ran last year and resonated with many. I think we could all use a little reminder... I’m no fan of staying up late on Christmas Eve to wrap gifts only to have my daughters wake me up pre-dawn. I really appreciate sleep. I’m nearly finished, just a few more to wrap. One would think completion of such a large task as wrapping would usher in a feeling of relief or satisfaction. It never does. After everything is neatly wrapped with personal tags dangling, I step back and look at the whole of my year-round efforts of thoughtfully hunting...  read full story on "The Thrifty Chicks" »
My home of abandonment
Blogger Shopping Golightly published Sun Dec 11 02:52 2011 - The Thrifty Chicks
My brother in law visited recently. He had not been to our Denver home, quite a different place from the home we left in Boulder. Built in 1900, it’s much older as are the contents. Nearly every piece of furniture was once abandoned, whether it be found in an alley, yard sale, estate sale or a thrift store, someone had given up on it. As I’ve written many times, the ultimate value of an item cannot be determined by money. If the only attributable thing to an item is money, like company stocks, it will never be stable. It even...  read full story on "The Thrifty Chicks" »
Go chopping not shopping
Blogger Shopping Golightly published Mon Nov 21 08:07 2011 - The Thrifty Chicks

For over a decade my family has been chopping in lieu of shopping the weekend following Thanksgiving. The National Forest Service offers many sites and invites citizens to purchase a tree-chopping permit for 10 each on select dates and select areas in Colorado. Tree hunting when the girls were little. This program is a win-win for all. Families get a real Rocky Mountain experience, roaming the woods for their holiday tree while helping the rangers manage the forests from devastating fires by removing excess fuel. We go to the Buffalo Creek area just south of Pine, CO, about 40 minutes...  read full story on "The Thrifty Chicks" »
Totally outfitted placesetting china to flatware to stemware to individual salt and pepper shakers, under 4.75
Blogger Shopping Golightly published Tue Nov 15 04:53 2011 - The Thrifty Chicks

This post originally ran in November of 2009. Just over a week before Thanksgiving, we thought it wise to remind Americans there are alternatives to outfitting a table worthy of a spread in a magazine. Only in this case, the full, complete table setting will cost less than a new dessert plate purchased at a conventional retailer. Quality will not be sacrificed by shopping thrift. When most Americans think of entertaining, they think of racking up purchases at department stores or discount retailers. To put on a full spread for twelve guests for one swank occasion could cost over 500...  read full story on "The Thrifty Chicks" »
Listing is a lonely process
Blogger Shopping Golightly published Thu Nov 10 01:40 2011 - The Thrifty Chicks
With over 100 listings, some repeat items, on my fourth week of hosting Shopping Glightly, an Etsy store, I’ve arrived at the sad conclusion that listing is a lonely job. Mr. Golightly thought I was playing the drama card. You like it. It’s fun looking up stuff. I gave him my best Beatrice Arthur glare from Maude and said, No. It’s not fun. Not fun at all. I’ve taken the Meyers Briggs three times. Always ENTP. Something to note, very heavy on the E, the Extroversion. So heavy, I could be labeled an Extrovert Junkie. This is weird because many...  read full story on "The Thrifty Chicks" »
About the only item, aside from groceries, we buy new without second thought
Blogger Shopping Golightly published Wed Nov 02 08:21 2011 - The Thrifty Chicks

Thrift store family of horses for my Little Pie, my Piper. This weekend I picked up this family of horses at Goodwill. They are tucked away for the holidays for my little Piper. I will not wrap them. On Christmas morning, they will be sitting somewhere about the living room for her to spy. Besides, would it not be animal cruelty to box them From my daughter’s imaginative point of view, these horses have feelings, personalities and eventually names. Shouldn’t I respect that She loves horses and when she cannot play or ride real ones, she turns to her extensive...  read full story on "The Thrifty Chicks" »
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