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20 Discount to Sustainable Brands Conference
Blogger Climate Counts admin published Tue May 14 03:28 2013 - Climate Counts
If you’re interested in learning what major brands are doing to reduce their environmental impact, our partners at Sustainable Life Media are offering a 20 discount to friends of Climate Counts for the annual Sustainable Brands conference June 3 - 6 in San Diego, CA. The 4-day conference, promises a schedule packed with compelling speakers and events, ...  read full story on "Climate Counts" »
Companies Unite in Call for U.S. Climate Change Policy
Blogger Climate Counts admin published Sat Apr 13 07:06 2013 - Climate Counts
This article first appeared on April 11th in the Huffington Post. Leaders from the business community made one thing clear when they came together on Wednesday toannounce a 100-day corporate campaign in support of climate change policy This is not a right or left issue. It is not about appealing to a base of liberals or ...  read full story on "Climate Counts" »
The Benefits of Energy Efficiency
Blogger Climate Counts admin published Tue Apr 09 02:43 2013 - Climate Counts
Guest Post By Cory Lowe of Whirlwind Steel Buildings, Inc. Nowadays, we have come to rely on energy for many different things. From providing us with light and warmth to powering our vehicles, energy has become an essential part of our lives. However, our use of energy has grown way out of control. As such, it ...  read full story on "Climate Counts" »
On Climate Leadership, 15-year old trumps Average Yahoo Tainted Apple
Blogger Climate Counts admin published Wed Mar 27 10:37 2013 - Climate Counts
By Mike Bellamente This article first appeared in the Guardian on Tuesday, March 26. A young girl with a unique name made headlines last week when 12,000 people signed her petition to keep climate change in the UK national curriculum. For Esha Marwaha, a 15-year old west London student, climate change isn’t just an environmental ...  read full story on "Climate Counts" »

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Industry Innovator LG Electronics Named as EPA Energy Star 2013 Partner of the Year
Blogger Climate Counts admin published Wed Mar 06 10:15 2013 - Climate Counts
March 6, 2013 -3BL Media- - LG Electronics, a global technology leader in consumer electronics and home appliances and member of the Climate Counts Industry Innovator program, has been named 2013 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA . This is the second year in a row that LG has earned ...  read full story on "Climate Counts" »
NASDAQ and Walmart offer a Dose of Reality at the New York GreenBiz Forum
Blogger Climate Counts admin published Mon Mar 04 12:25 2013 - Climate Counts
This article first appeared February 26th on Huffington Post If you’re an optimist about the state of green business, don’t read this. Shit. You’re still here. To put it bluntly it’s not working. That’s the rose-colored takeaway of last week’s GreenBiz Forum in New York City. We’ve succeeded in building an entire industry of ...  read full story on "Climate Counts" »

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All it Takes is Two Wheels
Blogger Climate Counts admin published Tue Feb 05 03:09 2013 - Climate Counts
By Climate Counts Intern Ben Trolio Two wheels, moist gallons of sweat, thousands of calories, open road, and limitless energy to fight climate change all things required by biking. Before my internship at Climate Counts, I spent consecutive summers biking to build the movement away from fossil fuels. Pedaling for the planet connected to my values while ...  read full story on "Climate Counts" »
5 Tips for Handling Skeptics in 2013
Blogger Climate Counts admin published Wed Jan 16 03:09 2013 - Climate Counts
By Mike Bellamente - Director, Climate Counts While the New Year brings with it a sense of optimism, for those of us in the climate change business it means another year competing against any schnook with money and a billboard to address the American people see the Heartland Institute . When it comes to the climate debate, those ...  read full story on "Climate Counts" »
NEW Soaring Tier Unveiled with Latest Climate Scores
Blogger Climate Counts admin published Wed Dec 05 07:00 2012 - Climate Counts
Nike, UPS and Unilever lead charge to increase revenue, cut emissions Apple continues to lag tech sector Fast food companies fall flat Durham, NH The message coming from top name brands is clear climate change poses a threat to business in the form of increased costs and risks associated with extreme weather. As a result, companies ...  read full story on "Climate Counts" »

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Levi’s quietly announces Climate Change Strategy
Blogger Climate Counts admin published Mon Oct 22 10:14 2012 - Climate Counts
This article was originally published on Triple Pundit on Monday Oct 22 When an iconic figure makes a bold statement, conventional wisdom suggests that the statement is meant to be heard. Lady Gaga didn’t don a meat dress to the 2010 MTV music awards because it was high fashion, just as Iran ...  read full story on "Climate Counts" »

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