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Google to use wind power from Sweden to run its Finnish data center
Blogger Katie Fehrenbacher published Tue Jun 04 06:00 2013 - GigaOM

Google's latest clean power play takes the search engine giant all the way to a Swedish wind farm, which will eventually crank out and pump clean power across the country to a data center in Finland.  read full story on "GigaOM" »

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Verizon to buy Bloom Energy fuel cells for data center, switching centers in CA
Blogger Katie Fehrenbacher published Tue Jun 04 12:00 2013 - GigaOM

Verizon is now the latest customer of Silicon Valley's buzzy fuel cell company Bloom Energy. The trend of telecom and Internet companies increasingly turning to clean power options continues to grow.  read full story on "GigaOM" »

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Crowd funded The Nikola Tesla statue officially coming to Silicon Valley
Blogger Katie Fehrenbacher published Mon Jun 03 01:06 2013 - GigaOM
Silicon Valley will soon be getting a reminder of the power of thinking big a life-sized bronzed statue of Nikola Tesla in Palo Alto, Calif.  read full story on "GigaOM" »

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For your summer road trip 7 recommended chargers for your iDevices
Blogger Dave Greenbaum published Sat Jun 01 12:00 2013 - GigaOM

Never be without power and avoid carrying a myriad of odd cables and adapters as you enjoy the summer. These multi-functional accessories provide effective charging without weighing you down or taking up half your carry-on luggage.  read full story on "GigaOM" »

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Silicon Valley is now paying even less attention to climate change and that sucks
Blogger Katie Fehrenbacher published Fri May 31 02:31 2013 - GigaOM

Following the collapse of the first wave of cleantech investing, and an attention on digital technology, Silicon Valley has moved even further away from using tech to fight climate change. And that's too bad.  read full story on "GigaOM" »
The GigaOM Show Cook n’ Musk, cloud trailblazers and Arrested Development
Blogger Chris Albrecht published Fri May 31 07:30 2013 - GigaOM
A slow week will not stop The GigaOM Show We dig into the D11 conference, get our heads in the cloud and talk Arrested Development  read full story on "GigaOM" »
The Google-backed clean energy projects around the world map
Blogger Rani Molla published Thu May 30 05:37 2013 - GigaOM
Germany, South Africa, North Dakota Google is investing in clean energy projects all over. Take a look at our map of where, what and how much.  read full story on "GigaOM" »

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Google invests in big South African solar project
Blogger Katie Fehrenbacher published Thu May 30 12:00 2013 - GigaOM

Google's huge clean power investing project now includes Africa for the first time -- a large solar panel farm being built in South Africa.  read full story on "GigaOM" »

Related topics: Energy
Tesla CEO We’re tripling the size of the Supercharger network
Blogger Katie Fehrenbacher published Wed May 29 11:38 2013 - GigaOM

Tesla is tripling the size of its Supercharger network across the U.S., and doing so a year ahead of schedule.  read full story on "GigaOM" »
Live blog Tesla’s Elon Musk at D11
Blogger Tom Krazit published Wed May 29 09:00 2013 - GigaOM
Tesla's Elon Musk was the Wednesday evening guest of honor at D11, and I live-blogged his appearance here.  read full story on "GigaOM" »

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