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Verizon to buy Bloom Energy fuel cells for data center, switching centers...
Blogger Katie Fehrenbacher published Tue Jun 04 12:00 2013 - GigaOM

Verizon is now the latest customer of Silicon Valley's buzzy fuel cell company Bloom Energy. The trend of telecom and Internet companies increasingly turning to clean power options continues to...  read full story on "GigaOM" »

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Spotted DIY Bling from Old Magazines
Blogger Becky Striepe published Tue Jun 04 03:00 2013 - greenUPGRADER

Can you believe that this beautiful costume jewelry is made from upcycled magazine pages  read full story on "greenUPGRADER" »

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Disruptor Adam Lowry, Method
Blogger Heather Clancy published Tue Jun 04 06:00 2013 -
The co-founder of the green cleaning products company flaunts traditional consumer products design strategies and encourages every employee to be weird.  read full story on "" »
Best Practices in Sustainability Employee Engagement and Reporting
Blogger Richard Matthews published Tue Jun 04 08:33 2013 - The GREEN MARKET

It is widely understood that adopting best practices in sustainability can offer a significant competitive advantage. There is ample incentive to get on board. In 2012, sales of sustainable goods...  read full story on "The GREEN MARKET" »

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eBAY ROUNDUP of Vintage Clothing Finds
Blogger Mary Kincaid published Tue Jun 04 10:41 2013 - Zuburbia Vintage Clothes

Check out these fab eBay vintage clothing and accessory auctions ending soon including items by YSL, Nina Ricci, Bes-Ben, Michael Novarese, Hanae Mori and Pucci. Be sure not to miss...  read full story on "Zuburbia Vintage Clothes" »

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June 4 News What Keystone Enbridge Builds And Expands Existing Tar Sands...
Blogger Ryan Koronowski published Tue Jun 04 09:56 2013 - Climate Progress
Enbridge is quietly building a network of pipelines from Canada to the United States while attention is focused on TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL project. Inside Climate News While all eyes...  read full story on "Climate Progress" »

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PHOTO U.S. Gets Its First Floating Wind Turbine
Blogger Nick Visser published Tue Jun 04 07:55 2013 -
From EarthTechling's Pete Danko The first floating wind turbine in U.S. history went upright and onto the water in Brewer, Maine, on Friday, on its...  read full story on "" »
Controverisal Study Proves Climate Science Can Get Very Political
Blogger Sunny Freeman published Tue Jun 04 07:52 2013 -
A Canadian researcher’s assertion that carbon dioxide emissions are not the primary cause of global warming has been met by his peers with skepticism and...  read full story on "" »
Plant Growth Surges As CO2 Levels Rise
published Tue Jun 04 09:04 2013 - Truthdig

By Tim Radford, Climate News Network New study predicts a big jump in foliage growth in arid regions as carbon dioxide levels increase.  read full story on "Truthdig" »
Texas won't allow Tesla to sell electric cars directly
Blogger Michael Graham Richard published Tue Jun 04 10:44 2013 - TreeHugger

Texas is one of those states where it is actually illegal for an automaker to sell its products directly to its customers.  read full story on "TreeHugger" »

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