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"...they paved paradise and put up a parking lot."
          ...Joni Mitchell, lyrics from Big Yellow Taxi, 1970

Going green does not mean you have to change your lifestytle from top to bottom... you can start with the small things and begin to make a difference. When you are faced with options for clothing, food, household goods or supplies, just by being aware that there are wise and healthy choices is all you need to get things going.

Its easy. LeapLightly can help you get started today. Find green-related merchandise and start making choices that are healthy for you and your family. Be heard by buying and using products that make a difference. Select products that leave a small footprint.

LeapLightly sends agents out onto the Internet to find products that are natural, organic, fair trade, handmade, homemade, and sustainable. We list synthetic material items for vegans, natural or organic items for the health enthusiast, recycled and sustainable for all of us.

So, ready to take the leap!


Green, sustainable, and eco-friendly products abound on the Internet. LeapLightly is the Internet's largest green search engine with "hundreds of thousands" of merchandise listings. You will find some amazing items being sold by the green community... super quality handmade goods, energy saving products, recycling equipment, reclaimed hardware, captivating vintage jewelry and clothes, and a lot more. Browse in over 2700 categories.

LeapLightly tracks over 600+ popular bloggers from the Internet's green community. Discover the fascinating talent of these authors... we placed them into topics of interest such as Architecture, Climate Change, Community, etc. You'll also find a blogroll and blogger list so that you can focus in on your favorite authors.

There's more...
Visit our directory of green and sustainable websites on our "Guide" page. Websites are listed by theme; read how the websites describe themselves; list your own website.
Get involved; find an event on our "Events" listings or list your own event.
Search the web pages of the green community with our "Web" search service.

Sampling of "green" products that LeapLightly lists:
Electric Vehicles
Energy Alternatives
Fair Trade
Hand Hammered
Hand Painted
Hand Sewn
Natural Fibers
Natural Materials
Natural Metals

We also list "green-related" products:
Adventure Trips
Antiques and Collectibles
Fine Art and Posters
Exercise Equipment
Holistic and New Age
Health and Safety
Native Goods
Non-Leather alternatives
Survival Gear
World Goods

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